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“You’re concerned someone’s gonna see us?” Brandon walks over the window. “Baby no one is gonna see us. Look, it opens up to the back of the hotel. No one is even parked here, it’s the middle of the day. Look at this gorgeous sunlight spilling into here.”
“But someone could walk by…”
Brandon glances outside the window again. “There’s no one there, baby. But honestly?” Brandon pulls on the cord and the blinds go up. “I hope they do. I want everyone to see me breeding you. You know why, Nate? Cause you are fucking beautiful when you’re lost in it. That’s when I know whether or not I’m hitting it right, just by your face. Anyone walks by us and see us? Good. Shit, they gonna be jealous.” Brandon throws his towel on the chair and stands there naked. “Guarantee they ain’t be fucked as good as you get it on a bad day. Maybe seeing you will be a relevation to them.”
Nate tries to stammer out a response to that but it won’t come. He’s hard as piece of rebar.
Brandon strolls over to the bed with purpose. “I suggest you put your head down and your ass up; cause the sooner you do, the sooner you won’t be thinking about this damn window at all.”

Captions are fictional.


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