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“Hi Noah, welcome home.”
”Uhhhh hi.” Noah puts his keys in the bowl on the small table next to the door. “Did I interrupt something?”
“No. I was waiting for you to come home,” Trevor answers.
“Were you?”
“You were waiting for me to come home….for sex?” Noah hesitantly asks. He can’t take his eyes off of Trevor’s ass.
“Yes. I keep thinking of that sex we had on Friday night. It was so hot, I’ve been so turned on all day thinking about it. I debating jacking off, but, I thought maybe I should wait and surprise you instead.”
“You were turned on because of me?“ Noah eyes Trevor with skepticism.
“Yeah. You were so hot on Friday night. I don’t think I ever came that hard before.”
Noah’s face turns red.
“My goodness,” he mutters. He sets down his shoulder bag; he proceeds this by taking off his jacket and hanging it on the rack. The two men look at each other. Noah is reading Trevor’s face and it dawns upon him that holy shit, this isn’t a dream. Trevor is anticipating getting laid. A boy. A cute boy. Has been waiting. All day. For him. Noah’s suddenly doesn’t know what to do.
A flash of uncertainty crosses Trevor’s face. “If you don’t want to, it’s fine, I don’t want to pressure-”
“No no, I do, I just um. My brain has derailed.” Noah runs his hand through his short hair.
Trevor smiles. “It has?” That coy smile makes Noah’s heart beat harder. How is it possible for Trevor to be so cute? It was like his kryptonite.
“Yeah. Totally derailed. I’ll, uh, go get the lube, I guess?”
“I already got it.”
“Oh. So what should I- uh- um” Noah isn’t even sure what to do with his arms.
Trevor looks amused. “Taking your pants off would be a start.”
Noah turns red again. “Oh. Yeah you’re right. Pants.” He feels like an idiot, and blames it on being distracted by Trevor’s ass. Noah undoes his belt so he can remove his slacks, and it’s at that point he realizes he hasn’t taken off his shoes.

Captions are fictional.


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