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Raine adjusted his tie and watched the lad sleep. The way his butt cheek was peeping out of the blankets was like a fresh loaf of bread, and Raine rather wanted to smack it. But it contradicted his desire to watch the boy sleep.

For this business trip, he’d finally indulged in one of those services where you show up in your hotel room and there’s a beautiful boy of your specifications waiting for you. Raine had low expectations, but now he was thinking of getting a subscription. What a fine specimen this one was – what was his name? Matt He’d had some training, that’s for sure. And stamina. Something about New York lads, they had so much spirit.

Raine lamented that Matt wouldn’t here when he got back. He took a last look, picked up his briefcase, and put his hand on the door knob.

“Are you leaving?”
Raine paused with the door open an inch and looked over his shoulder. “Oh you’re awake. Sadly, yes. I have a meeting. Stay as long as you’d like, order room service. Use the spa. Whatever you’d like. You earned it last night.”
Matt lifted his head. “Mnnf. I appreciate that, but shame I don’t have time to suck you off again this morning.”
Raine sighed in regret. “Are you free tonight?”
“I have another appointment, but it’s late. I’m actually going to a baseball game tonight, if you want to come with me.”
Raine raises an eyebrow. “The Mets game?”
He began to chuckle. “My clients are taking us there tonight. They have a box.”
Matt grinned. “Shall we randomly run into each-other and misbehave?”
“I quite like you New York boys.” Raine put his foot in the door, set down the briefcase, and pull out a business card. He set it on the desk near the door. “Text me. And if you want to be paid for your time, that can be arranged.”
“Ohhhh no I love this kind of shit, I’m doing this for free.”
Raine raised an eyebrow. “You are trouble, I can tell. I need to get going Matt. Enjoy your morning.”
“I will, even though my mouth is empty.” Matt blew Raine a kiss.
Raine could not believe that such dirty words came out such cherubic lips on an angelic face. It was hard to leave him behind.

He was right about Matt being trouble though. Raine checked his phone during a break in the meeting, and discovered Matt had been sending him photos of him masturbating on the hotel sheets. Raine had trouble explaining to his co-workers why he was smirking in a meeting about finance.

Captions are fictional.


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