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…two biker boys in luv.

They could both fuckin do me!

“Hey Jinx, you made good time.”
“Hello Master Schwinn. Yeah I was worried the roads would be too wet, but they dried pretty well.”
“That’s good to hear. Like your outfit by the way, the red laces are a nice touch.”
He straightens up. “Thank you Sir! Leather is so great for riding – keeps me safe, warm, and looking cool as fuck.”
I chuckle. I turn to call over my shoulder. “Boy, Jinx is here!”
“Coming! Just finishing up packing.”
I turn back to Jinx. “You want something to drink?”
“No thank you, I got some water on the bike.” He sets his helmet on my wicker chair, then takes out a cigarette and lights it out of habit. Jinx glances up at at me but soon sheepishly averts his eyes. “I’m down to two a day, Sir, I swear.”
“From a pack?” I nod.
“Yes Sir.”
I nod again. “Well that’s good progress. Good job, boy.”
“I’m really trying. I know Fitz just got over the bronchitis, so I don’t want to irritate his lungs. Just, ya know, under a lot of stress.” He sighs.
I nod as a habit. “Yes. I am stressed out too. But I think everything is going to be ok. Once we get Fitz out of this city, I’ll feel a lot better.”
Jinx turns his head to blow the smoke away. "I’ll feel better too. I promise you Sir, I’ll look out for him. I’ll take care of him. Not a lot of money being in uni at all, but with the donations, we’ll be ok.”
I can’t help but smile. “You’re going to grow into such a great Dom, Jinx. Your compassion is going to be your secret to connecting with your boys. They will be butter in your hands. I can’t wait to see it.”
That makes Jinx turn pink. “Oh Sir, I can’t call myself a Dom. I know hardly anything.”
“You’ll grow into it,” I assure him. “It’s part of you.”
Before Jinx can stammer a reply, Fitz shows up and sets his bag down. “Thank you for waiting. My stupid dildo turned on at the bottom of my bag, and I had to empty everything to turn it off.”
That makes Jinx giggle and he puts out the cigarette. “You poor thing, as if you aren’t having a hard enough time.” They hug and share a kiss. 
“Well, yeah, but I’m hoping it’s gonna get easier now.” Fitz smiles at Jinx.
“Aw, you two are such a cute pair. I’m taking a photo.” I snap a quick shot with my phone. “I’m going to miss you both.”
“I’m sad to leave you Sir, but I’m excited for the future,” Fitz says. 
“I think that’s fair. I’m sad to not have you bouncing around my house anymore, singing pop songs in your underwear.”
That makes him groan and I chuckle as I pick up Fitz’s bag. “Let’s get this on your bike, Jinx. You two have a long trip ahead of you.”
“That we do.” Jinx glances up. “Hope the rain keeps away.”
“If it’s raining, I don’t want you riding at night ok? Call me, I’ll get you a hotel room.”
“Yes Sir,” Jinx says.

We walk down to the driveway. Jinx ties the bag on. We stand there looking at each-other. Now I want a cigarette. Crap. Fitz’s lower lip trembles. He throws himself at me for a hug. I crush him in my arms , and I can hear the leather creak underneath. “Be safe, boy. Take care of yourself, and don’t drive Jinx crazy too much. If you feel your safety has been compromised, you can call me any time.”
“Yes sir. I’ll be a good boy.” He sniffles.
Jinx passes him the other helmet and rubs his back. “If all goes well, you can come back here with me next summer when I visit my folks ok?”
“A whole year,” Fitz whispers.
“I can find a reason to come up before then. By Christmas for sure. It won’t be a year.”
Fitz looks relieved. He puts the helmet on. Jinx checks the fit. “God you look good in full kit. I’m going to be riding half hard the whole time.”
“Only half?” Fitz teases.
Jinx slaps his own thigh. “You see how tight these are? No room for an erection to go!”
That breaks the somber mode into a lighter one, and Fitz goes onto the bike without complaint. “Maybe when we stop for dinner, I can slide my hand in there and make you more comfortable, Sir?”
“Oh I would like that.”
I bite my lip, smothering a smile. I don’t think Jinx realized Fitz had called him Sir. They were so cute. I seriously loved them. “Alright you two, off you go.”

We exchange our good-byes, and I wave them off until they were finally gone and the sound of the bike fades. I exhale a loud sigh. I so wish I could have kept Fitz and trained him as my own sub, but it is not meant to be. Jinx will continue his training out there, with the local chapter of our club out there supporting them. Fitz has a whole family waiting for him. It’s enough to make a bear cry. 

I wipe my eyes and walk back up to the front of my house. The half smoked cigarette is still there on the porch floor. I re-light it with a match, sit in the chair, and smoke the rest of it as the sun comes out through the clouds. 

Captions are fictional.


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