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“I have your tea Sir.”
“Oh, thank you Tobias. Set it on the counter.”
Tobias did so without spilling a drop. He stood by with his hands behind his back and waited the next order.
Andrej glanced around the room. “Where are my clothes to put on after my shower, boy?”
Tobias kept a straight face. “I’ve decided they’re not needed Sir. You are dressed enough.”
Andrej stared at him incredulously. 
Tobias dissolved into giggles. “Please indulge my fantasy for one more second Sir. I love how you look in your underwear.”
“You’re lucky I like to be flattered, or I should be spanking you for your cheekiness.”
“Thank you for indulging me Sir. Your face was quite amusing. I shall fetch your clothes Sir.” He bowed his head and disappeared into the full closet.
“You’re welcome,” Andrej said dryly. He sipped his tea. “Mn. Nice.”  He got an idea.

When Tobias reappeared in the bathroom, he was so astonished that he dropped the pants he was holding. “Sir, you’re naked! Not that I’m complaining…” 
Andrej kicked his underwear over with his foot. “If you like me in my underwear so much, you can dress me from the bottom up.”
“That’s a fitting punishment for my misbehavior, Sir,” Tobias said with a smile as he hung the clothes on a hook.
“A good houseboy knows his place.” Andrej wagged a finger.
“Of course Sir, thank you for the reminder.” Tobias picked up the warm underwear and held them against his chest. “God I love these. Alright, Sir, time to get dressed!”

Captions are fictional.


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