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“How much longer until dinner, boy?” Dan hollered.
“Ten minutes until plates on the table, Sir.”
“Good. Fucking starving.” Dan took a sip of beer and burped.
Brett knew that statement was rhetorical. Dan wasn’t much for conversation. Dan was a simple man. He wanted his eggs at breakfast, he wanted to go to work and dig holes with his machines, and he wanted to come home to dinner and beer.
Dan didn’t see the point of finding a wife. He didn’t want an equal relationship; he wanted someone to take care of him as the man of the house. 
Brett understood his position in the house. He kept Dan fed, kept his house clean, got the sweat stains out of his shirts, and serviced his cock without complaint. Dan didn’t understand why every bachelor didn’t keep a bottom like Brett at home and under their thumb – it was where they wanted to be anyway.

 “Five minutes, Sir.”
Dan muted the TV, set the bottle on the table, and got up with a groan. He wandered into the bathroom so he could wash his hands. “What’s for dinner, boy?” he called out.
“Roast chicken, squash, buttered rice, strawberry shortcake.”
“I feel like you’re trying to get me to eat healthier.”
“You work hard Sir, and you burn a lot of calories. A rabbit meal isn’t gonna cut it. Your dinners are designed to be filling, but you also need nutrients that come from things like vegetables. Your doctor was pleased with your blood pressure last time, wasn’t he?”
“He was. But that could just be from how you to reduce my stress,” Dan responded.
Brett tried not to smile. “May be so. Then that must be continued as well. I shall suck your cock as you eat dessert if it’d help.”
“It would help. Would put me in a right mood before bed.”
“Of course, Sir. Dinner’s ready and table’s set. Another beer or iced tea?”
“Is it the different stuff you got at the store?”
Brett looked confused. “Oh. I put some orange peel in the tea when I made it.”
“Huh. Yeah. I liked that. Sweet tea is fine. Already had a beer.”
“Yes Sir. Happy to serve you Sir.”
“That’s what I like to hear. I’m too tired to punish you anyway, so I’m glad I rarely have to do it.”
“Thank you Sir!

Captions are fictional. 


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