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“Come on, milk me, please! I can’t take it. Walking around with an erection in my jeans is so uncomfortable.”
“You sure you can’t just jerk off?” Conner asked. He never takes his eyes off that straining, rigid member jutting out from between the V fold of Ryan’s unzipped jeans. 
“No fucking way. Both the ranch manager and Mr. Burk- er, your uncle- have forbidden it. They want all us to remain horny all the time for them or their stupid friends, or to jerk off over our frustrations. It totally sucks, but it’s like the only sex I get out here, and if I cause them enough grief, they’ll send me back. Then I actually have to spend my sentence in jail! And trust me, I am not going back there.”
“But like, how would they ever find out?”
“That I jerked off?”
“Don’t you know we all bunk together in one room? They watch us all the time. They even stand outside the bathroom when we go. People rat each-other out for rewards. And like, if someone cums in their sleep, they hang up the sheet for everyone to see.”
Connor looked conflicted and rubbed Ryan’s hip. “That’s fucked up. But won’t you get in trouble if I jerk you off?”
Ryan grinned. “See I thought of that. They said that we can’t jerk off. And they said we can’t jerk each-other off. But they never said that someone else other than us can’t. Mr. Burkhart is a stickler for the rules. If he punishes me for correctly interpreting the rules, I can bring it up with the Court.”
“Boy that sure sounds risky, Ryan. My uncle has a lot of power.”
Ryan glanced around. “I don’t care, I need this. The more I’m gone the longer they come looking for me. Please, it won’t take me long.” He whimpered. “Please.” He took off his jeans. “Look at how full my balls are. I can barely sit down. I need a pretty boy like you to take care of me. Your hands aren’t rough like mine, I bet you can give great hand jobs. Come on, show me, Connor.”

 Conner swallowed. There was a pearly bead of pre-cum on the tip of that mushroom head. “Fuck. If you get caught, we never met.”
“Right, right. Of course.”
Conner sighed and reached for that pretty cock. It called for him. It needed him. When he wrapped his fingers around it, Ryan moaned and pushed into his hand. Conner liked that quite a bit. The boys at college were greedy and entitled. They jerked off when bored. Their cocks never got this hard, nor radiated this much heat. He gasped softly when he cupped Ryan’s nuts in his hand. They overflowed his palm.
With only just a few strokes, pre-cum began to pour out of those full balls. “Oh lord,” Ryan sobbed. “It feels like heaven!”
Conner hushed him. “Don’t let anyone hear you.” He increased his speed – and his grip on Ryan’s balls to keep him from moving around so much.
“Fuck – fuck,” he gasped. “Yeah, just like that. Doesn’t need to be fancy.” 

It only took a few seconds before Ryan threw back his head and clung to the rafters of the beams as the strength to hold himself upright left him. He moaned a few unintelligible vowels, followed by a low moan as the orgasm ripped through him. His body convulsed. Tears beaded in the corner of his eyes.

“Oh wow!” Connor cried. A torrent of white seed exploded out of that tiny hole, coating his fingers on both hands and splashing over his chest. He could feel Ryan’s balls tensing and pumping and so Conner loosened his grip, fearing he would prevent any cum from escaping. He pumped and pumped as his hand cramped, and panic began to bloom as he began to think that the erection would not go down. Ryan keened. His cock twitched and then shot out another small load – which was about the size of the one Conner shot out last night in his own room – and then Ryan’s cock began to retreat. 

Ryan sagged against the frame of the old barn, head rested against his bicep. A bit of spittle remained on his lower lip. His chest was heaving, his legs quivering. “Christ, Connor, thank you. Thank you so much.”
Conner was fixated on his flushed face. He’d never made a man look like that before. He felt intoxicated with the power of it, and of having defied his uncle. He didn’t want to release Ryan’s cock, but knew he’d soon grow sensitive, so once the head retreated into the foreskin he released Ryan. He let those balls go last. They felt lighter – squishier now. Not so red and full. Better. 
“You -you’re welcome,” Conner stammered. “That was an incredible amount of cum.” He looked at his hands.
Ryan opened his eyes and studied him. “Oh wow,” he whispered. “Is that all mine?”
He blushed. “Sorry.”
“No it’s fine. Was pretty hot, actually.”

Ryan smiled. “Any of that yours?” He took a bandana out of his jeans pocket and handed it to Conner to clean up. 
“No. Not yet.” 
“Let me return the favor?”
Conner looked down at his crotch, at the outline of his own member straining against his Levis. Jerking wasn’t what he was after. He wanted Ryan to fuck him. He wanted to cum with a cock inside of him. “No. You risk being caught if you stay longer. We’ll find time for you to pay me back later.”
Ryan’s face softened. “Are you serious? I need to thank you for this favor. You can’t believe how incredible I feel right now. Like I could wrestle your uncle.” He pulled on his jeans.
“Don’t do that,” Conner chuckled. “But yeah, it’s fine. I want you to owe me.” He gave Ryan a coy look. “You know how hard it’s gonna be to find someone to fuck me out here? I’m willing to wait if that’s what I can get.”
Ryan’s jaw dropped. “Oh no way I’d be lucky enough to get that time with you.”
Conner smiled. “I’ll find the time. Now go before you get caught.” Conner stuffed the bandana into Ryan’s pocket. 
Ryan cupped Conner’s jaw and kissed him. “You’re an angel. And I mean that.” He buttoned his jeans and shoved his feet into his socks and boots. Conner watched in amusement as Ryan stumbled off on fawn’s legs, and just like that, he was alone in the old barn. He crossed himself. “Thank you lord for this opportunity you have presented me. Looks like summer on the ranch isn’t going to be boring after all.”

Conner reached for his shirt. “Man I missed a lot of cum- it’s everywhere!”

Captions are fictional.


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