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I open the door to leave the shop and startle. “Oh! Buzz, what are you doing- wait, is that Betty? You got Betty running?”
When Buzz smiles, his whole face lights up. He turns and puts a loving hand on her trunk. “Yep. Purring like a kitten.”
“Wow Buzz. You really did it. Oh hold on.” I turn around and locked the door. I tug on the handle to make sure it was firm and adjust my bag up my arm. I walked down the steps and admire the old car. “Looks different sitting somewhere other than your garage.”
“I think she’s happier. She wanted a change of scenery.” Buzz glances down and scuffs his foot on the cement. “Listen, I was thinking, um, if you weren’t too tired. The cinema in Cedar Point just got Jurassic Park. I was wondering if you wanted to take a drive over there maybe to see it. Grab a burger.”
I quell the urge to shout ‘yes’. I glance around. It’s quiet. I can hear the waves against the dock. I realize the pause I’m taking is too long. “Buzz-”
“Nah. This is stupid. I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re going to see it with Linda next week or something anyway.” Buzz runs his thick fingers through his hair.
I swallow, surprised at how tight my throat feels. I can feel the tension of his emotions he is trying to hold back, emotions neither of us understand.
“Buzz, I would love to go with you.”
He looks confused. “What?”
I giggle at how dumbfounded he looks. “I’d love to. Assuming you can get Betty to turn on again?”
Buzz stammers. “Wow, um. Good. Um. Great.” He clasps his hands, undoes them, and puts them on the hood again, unsure what to do with himself. “And uh yeah, she’ll turn on. She’s solid. Went over every inch of her myself.”
“Show me. Oh, can we stop by my house so I can grab a sweater?” I ask.
“Yeah sure. We got some time. Um, what about Linda though?”
“Just because she says we’re dating doesn’t mean we are. Besides there’s someone I’m into more.” I catch his gaze and watch him figure it out. I can tell when it clicks because a look of hurt changes to one of shyness. 
“Oh,” he says softly. Poor Buzz. He looks overwhelmed.
“Come on, let’s get going, I’m starving.” I walk over to the side door. “I can’t believe you really got Betty running. Oh you put all the seats back in, and you cleaned the interior. The leather is gleaming!”
“Took a whole afternoon. Once I get the exterior painted, I’m going to enter her in the car show in Mayberry in August.” Buzz says.
I glance at him. He looks relieved to back on a comfortable topic. “She’ll win it.”
Buzz holds the door as I put my things in the front footwell and sit down.
“You’ll take me with you won’t you?” I ask.
“To what?”
“To the car show. If you want me to come.”
Buzz smiles. “I’d like that.” He closes the door and walks around to the other side. 
Betty gave us a scare, but her engine turned over on the second try. We made it to Cedar Point, gliding along the coast like a dream. 

Wind through our hair.

My hand on Buzz’s thigh. 

Captions are fictional.


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