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Brad: Man, Trevor looks so deep in thought. So contemplative. I bet he’s finally relaxing and realizing what a good idea it was to take a vacation. We both needed some sun and time off. Now we can really work on ourselves as a couple, get some real bonding time. I’ll go make him a drink, see if he wants to take a walk. Have a nice chill evening. 

Trevor: Fuck. Marry. Marry. Spank. Reject. Marry. Fuck. Reject. Reject. Definitely fucking him. Marry him…and him. Woah that ass, I’d spank him. Fuck him. Reject. Reject. Ugh reject. Marry. Fuck. Marry. Spank. Fuck. Man, these Miami boys are hot. This vacation was such a good idea. I need to thank Brad for the idea. I was worried it’d be some boring beach trip where we just spend the whole time walking up and down the sand. I bet I’ll see half these boys at the club later. I wonder if I can take one of them home and convince Brad to have a threesome. He seriously has forgotten the kinky shit we used to do in college, I think he needs a reminder. 

Captions are fictional. 


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