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Angel picked up the phone. “Hello?”
“Oh Sir! You’re there”
“Ronny! Good, Christ are you ok? I’ve been so fucking worried about you.”
“I’m sorry Sir. I partied too hard last night. I passed out and woke up in someone’s house.”
“Did you get roofied?” Angel asked.
“No I don’t think so. Just drank a lot, did some drugs. My ass isn’t sore, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t have sex. Can you come get me? I don’t have a lot of change for this call.”
“Ok, so normal night, you just went a little too hard.”
“I’m sorry Sir.”
“I’m just glad you’re ok. But we’ll talk about you passing out later. Are you calling from a payphone?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Why didn’t you use the phone where you’re at?” Angel asked.
“Didn’t want to wake everyone. Besides I wanted to buy some Gatorade at this drug store,” Ronny explained.

Angel picked up his keys. “Where are you?”
“Well uh, I don’t know. It says I’m on Sunset Boulevard, but I don’t know where that is. I know where Sunset Road is, and this isn’t it. Nothing looks right.”
There’s a long pause. “Ronny I just looked at the number you called me from again. It says 323. That’s Los Angeles. Ronny. Are you in Los Angeles?”
Ronny felt a prickle of fear go down his back from the change in tone in Angel’s voice. It was that still tone Angel used when he was trying to control his emotion.
“Um. I don’t kn– excuse me? Excuse me. Am I in Los Angeles? Ok, thank you. She said I’m in LA, I’m in Hollywood Sir,” Ronny stammered.

“Y-yes Sir?”
“Where do we live?” Angel asked.
“Las Vegas, Sir.”
“Where did you start partying last night?”
“Las Vegas, Sir.”
Angel sighed. “So HOW are you in Los Angeles?”
“I don’t know Sir! I fell asleep, I think – I think some people said they were going to take me home, and I think I passed out. I think they thought I was from LA too!” Ronny wailed.
“Shh shh. It’s ok. I’m – we are definitely having a long conversation when you get home boy, but right now I need to worry about your safety.”
Please insert more change.
“Ah fuck, Sir, the call is going to disconnect.”
“Call me back from the drug store.”
“Yes Sir.”

A few moments later, the phone rang again. “Ronny?”
“Yes Sir. I don’t have long. I’m in a Speedo…the manager is not happy.”
Angel rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Ronny. Do you have your ID with you?”
“Uh yes Sir. I have my wallet, it was in the pocket of this bathrobe I woke up wearing.”
“Do you have your credit card.”
“….No. $10 and some change. I’m almost done, I swear! Just a minute!”
“Ronny. Listen to me, and listen to me good.”
“Y-Yes Sir.”
“Get me the address of where you are.”
Ronny fumbled around for a store sales flier and read out the address. 
“Good boy. Now stay there. I’m calling you a taxi. I want you to go to Burbank airport. I’m going to buy you a ticket to Vegas. Get on the plane.”
Ronny gasped. “I’m a Speedo Sir! And uh, I think my shoes are still by the pool in Vegas…”
There was a loud sigh. “Use your cash for food and drink. Then you get in that taxi, and to the airport, do you understand me? If the airport gives you shit about shoes, have them give you a pair of flip flops from lost & found.”
Ronny knew better than to argue with Sir. “Y-yes Sir. Understand Sir.”
“Good boy. You call me when you get to the airport OK?”
“Yes Sir.”

“Good boy. I just – don’t want anything to happen to you.”
“Thank you Sir. I’m sorry for the stress.”
“I’m putting a collar and tracking tag on you when you get home. Or a micro-chip. Or something.”
“I deserve that Sir.”
“You do.” Angel agreed.
“Um, I have to go, the manager is yelling at me.”
“Taxi. Airport. Call me. Bye love.”
“Bye Sir.”

Ronny hung up the phone and scurried to buy something to eat.
Angel hung up and stared at the phone. He began to chuckle but soon it grew to a loud guffaw. He placed his hands over his barrel chest and laughed until there were tears in his eyes. “Oh my god, he’s in LA. I am never ever going to let him live this down! Man, I cannot wait to peel off that Speedo and spank that boy. I might just do it in the airport.”

Sequel here. It’s also the next post.

Captions are fictional. In a fit of boredom, I was able to locate this picture as taken in front of the Hollywood Central Motel in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. You can see the Motel sign behind the Hot Guy. The little white pillar with the globe on it behind him in left center is the Crossroads of the World Restaurant. The phone booth is no longer there as of 2007. I think the building he’s standing in front of is now a Rite Aid. 


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