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This is the sequel to this. I’m not sure if the link will work for some because of Tumblr’s restrictions on adult content. The post is the one right before this one.


Ronny got off the plane in Las Vegas Airport and made his way to the baggage terminal. It was chilly in here and he pulled the bathrobe around himself. People eyed him curiously. Sir hadn’t said if he was picking him up, but Ronny knew he’d be there. Problem was the baggage area was huge, long like a football field, with exits on both sides. Ronny wandered around, still feeling lost despite being home. He was tired of feeling lost. He wanted a hot meal and a hug.

He saw Angel before Angel saw him. Actually, many people were already looking at Angel. He had shown up to the airport in his leathers. “Holy shit,” Ronny murmured. His dick also noticed, but his heart was in control. He yearned to be in those strong arms. Ronny wove his way through the crowds and their luggage. Sir spotted him and began to move his way. Ronny wanted to run to him, but it wouldn’t be possible in this footwear. 

Angel walked up to Ronny and stood in front of him. Ronny was wearing a bathrobe from the airline’s first class lounge and an oversized pair of sandals from the lost & found. Angel raised an eyebrow and smiled. His boy looked ridiculous but he was here, and that’s what mattered. “Welcome home.”  He engulfed Ronny in a hug. Ronny melted against him. “Oh Sir I missed you! I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry about all of this.” He inhaled Angel’s scent of leather and beard oil and sandalwood as if he thought he’d never get to again.
“I am upset, but you followed all of my instructions, and you made it home. I’m proud of you for that.”
“You are?”
“Yes. But we still need to have a conversation about this. And you still need a spanking for scaring me like that and for the expense of getting you home. I had half a mind to spank you right in this airport, but I think my boy need a good meal and a shower first.”
“I’m starving, Sir. All I’ve eaten today is that gross sandwich I bought at the drug store and some crackers on the plane.” Ronny sniffled and wiped his nose on the bathrobe. “I want to go home.”
Angel kissed the top of his head and rubbed his back. He had hoped maybe Ronny would be up for a little public humiliation through discipline, maybe something sexy in the bathroom, but now clearly wasn’t the time. His boy needed aftercare.  “Alright sweetheart, let’s get you home. Oh, I wanted to give you this though.” He fished something out of his back pocket. Ronny held out his palm and a trinket was dropped into it. 
“It’s a keychain?” Ronny held it up. “Ronny. If lost, call this number, 702…. Sir is this a dog tag?” he said wryly.
Angel put a beefy arm around him and walked him out to the car. “It is, boy. It’s going on the collar I’m putting on you later. For now you put that on your wallet.”
“Or my dick piercing…”
Angel chuckled. “Maybe I should have gotten two.”

Captions are fictional. 


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