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Taylor stopped making out with Derrick. “Woah.”
“W-what?” Derrick stammered.
Taylor pushed his hands down Derrick’s jeans and squeezed with both hands. “You’re not underwear.”
“Um. No. I’m not.” Derrick smiled.
“You haven’t been wearing underwear the whole time? Like during our whole date?”
“Nope. Left the house without em on.”
Derrick looked amused. “A reward for you to find if things went well on our date.”
Taylor worked his mouth once or twice. “Wow. That is so hot. And I – I am so hard right now, it’s incredible.”
Derrick grinned. “Where’s your bed?”
Taylor made a gesture to his left. “Can’t we just – right here?”
“Your knees are going to give out with what I’m going to do to you, so I want you on the bed.”
Taylor whimpered and he flushed. “I – um. I think I came a little.”
Derrick cupped Taylor between the legs. “You’re still hard. Fuck, that is so hot. Come on, show me where the bedroom is.”
“Yeah uh, right, right this way,” Taylor stammered.

Captions are fictional.


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