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The level of control and dominance my stepbrother has over me is increasing day by day.

You came home from college for New Years and Christmas, and you were not pleased you finally had meet your new step-siblings. Why did your mom have to get remarried to a man who had kids? Her new husband had a son like a year older than you, and it annoyed you to suddenly have a step brother. A step brother who was more handsome, a better athlete, and a better student. And of course, he had a perfect girlfriend. Ugh. Brian annoyed you immediately.

Things took a really unexpected turn the day before Christmas. He sat down next to you on the sofa once and saw the Grindr app on your phone. You pulled your phone away, but Brian mouthed “Grindr huh?” at you, and you knew you were busted. Your mom you were gay, but why did your step family have to know? You busied yourself with getting a drink to hide how hard you were blushing. But who could blame you? You hadn’t gotten fucked in days, and being stuck in here with Brian was really really annoying. Mostly because he was annoying, but also because he was looking hotter every time you saw him in sunlight.

That evening, after everyone had gone to bed, there was a knock on your door. It was Brian. You told him to go away. He said you two needed to talk. Letting Brian in may have been a mistake – because he was in his underwear.  You asked him what that was about. Brian said he knew why you two were clashing so much, and he knew how you two could get along. And he pulled off his underwear. Christ, and he was also beautifully hung, cause of course he was.
“Wait what?” You sputtered. “You said you had a girlfriend!”
“Yeah,” Brian said. “I do. But fucking boys is a lot more fun.” And then he got on the bed. And on top of you.

So…it had gone on for the entirety of your trip home, him sneaking into your room after everyone had gone to bed. Brian was getting increasingly bold. Your need to be fucked and given release by a man was being held hostage by Brian, who saw he could claim you without competition pretty much whenever he wanted. He made a move for you in the mall bathroom. In a parking lot. In the car, while running an errand for his dad.  

You were beginning to think you’d never make it back to college without being caught! Every time you got away with having sex or fooling around, it felt like that would the last. Brian had big balls in more ways than one.

By the time you go back to Stanford, your roommates all had the same mentality, “Man, I can’t wait to get laid again. Being with my family over break gave me serious blue balls.”
You just groaned. “Different story with me, man. My new step brother sniffed me right out. He barely let me sleep!”
There wasn’t a ton of pity. Everyone agreed that any gay man worth his salt could sniff out the fact you were a rather needy bottom. Most of your mates just wanted to hear the details.

Captions are fictional.


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