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“Remy?” William called as he searched the ship. “Remy are you here?” William’s boots thudded audibly across the deck. “It’s so bizarre being on here with everyone off the ship… you think it’d be easier to find one person, but no. Reeeeeeeeeeeemy where are youuuu? Nope not near the cannons…thought he’d be here, he likes the view.” William made his way back to the upper deck, then across the boat to the Captain’s quarters. “Remy?”

“William?” a voice called back.
”Where are you?”
Remy opened the door to the Captain’s quarters. “In here.”
“There you are. What are you still doing on the boat? Everyone’s off already, I thought you fell into the sea walking down the ramp or something. Are you fetching something the Captain left?”
“No, I’m waiting for you to come find me.”
William raised an eyebrow. “Pardon? Don’t you want to be off the bloody ship? We got so much money to spend.”
Remy shrugged. “Most of it’s going in the bank anyway. But the one thing I want isn’t in town.” Remy tossed his hat on the table.
William raised an eyebrow. “I must reminder you to be frank with me. I didn’t become a pirate because I was a scholar at Oxford.”
Remy chuckled. “Well, Mr. William. Who is on this boat right now?”
“You and I.”
“Right. And who is going to hear us if we fuck?”
“Well there isn’t anyone… oh. Ohhh. William understands now.”
Remy laughed. “Do you?”
“Yes. Yes I do.”
“And guess what? We can pick absolutely anywhere in the whole ship.”
William’s eyes went wide. “Even the Captain’s bed?” He pointed.
“Yes. Although…” Remy tapped his fingers together. “I’m not really sure how clean that is, maybe, we stick to the sofa.”
William winced. “Mmn it is a comfortable piece of furniture.”
“It really is.”
“And also, maybe…?” He gestured to the large map table.
Remy made a dramatic little gasp. “William you rapscallion.”
William grinned. “Have we got enough grease?”
“Just enough. Bottom of the container.” Remy patted his pocket.
William began to unbutton Remy’s shirt as he undid his own belt. “Did we go through that whole thing already? We just bought it in Barbados…”
“I’m afraid we have. We’ll have to buy it in bulk here. Although, actually, we should see if there’s a shop here that sells other stuff-”
William interrupted him with a kiss. “What other stuff?”
Remy undid his William’s pants. “Other things that can be fun in the bedroom. I’ve heard some rumors of things from those women we rescued last week.”
“I haven’t a clue of what you’re talking about.” William ran his palms over Remy’s chest. “And I’m more interested about this stuff right now. You, me, and …um. The furniture.”
Remy kissed him back. “Well let’s get to it. Lest someone comes looking for us. I will be most cross if we’re interrupted. I want you to take your time.”
William grabbed his ass with both hands. “We have time.”

In a bar in town:
“Has anyone noticed Remy and Will are missing?” Jeremiah asked.
“Duh, we all know they’re missing.” Samuel said.
“Why are they missing?” Jeremiah asked. “Do we need to be concerned?”
Samuel looked at the other lads around the table and everyone started laughing. Samuel ruffled his hair. “Jeremiah, one day when you’re old enough, we’ll explain it to you.”
Jeremiah crossed his arms. “I am old enough. I’m almost 12.”
Dennis leaned in. “Trust me, lad. You don’t want to know. It’s gross.”
“Are they cleaning the toilet on the ship?”
That just made everyone laugh again which made Jeremiah look even more confused. Samuel shook his head and smiled. “Drink your beer, Jeremiah. They’re fine.” He paused. “I just hope they’re not on my bunk.”

Captions are fictional.


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