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Jamie woke up smiling. How could he not, at the memory that a man had taken his ass last night? He’d seen Stephen at the bar once or twice, but neither had made a move. By some magic, Stephen caught his gaze last night and understood the desperate lustful longing in Jamie’s eyes. Stephen then downed his drink and pushed away from the bar with the mannerism of a man who knew there was work to be done and be best get to it.
A songbird tweeted in the tree outside. Jamie couldn’t believe how amazing he felt. He had really needed to be manhandled and tossed onto a bed and taken hard enough to leave rug burns from the comforter on his knees. It was the best stress relief. The best cleanse. The best exercise. And Stephen had given it to him with hardly any words being exchanged at all. What a considerate man.

Jamie snuggled against Stephen’s pillowy pecs. He thought that there really should be a name for this post-sex euphoria. The ‘afterglow’ was when the orgasm ebbed out, sure; but there really needed to be a name for the morning after, when you wake up feeling totally satisfied and comfortable after being laid the night before. Jamie felt like a cat in a sunbeam right now. Like melted butter. Butter mode? Or something… man Stephen smelled good. Jamie wondered if Stephen would like a blow job this morning. It’d be greedy to want to see that cock before breakfast… maybe after. But Jamie definitely wanted to see it again. 

Captions are fictional.


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