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“Wow…what?” Ari sat back on his knees.
“Most of the men I’m sent to sleep with don’t kiss me like that.”
“Like how? Bad? Good?”
“Good,” Daniel insisted. “It was nice. Deep.” He smiled.
“Oh.” Ari messed with his tie. “I just was wanting to do that, but I can’t during sex cause you face the other way.”
“Yeah that’s usually why there isn’t a lot of kissing. Everyone flips me around and gets down to business.”
Ari stroked Daniel’s thigh. “You can sleep here as long as you want. Check out is at 11. Order some room service on my tab ok?”
Daniel smiled. “Wow a good kisser and generous? I got lucky with this one.”
Ari did blush a little this time. He let his eyes roam on Daniel’s torso; they lingered on his hip and Ari reached out to graze the little tattoo with his fingers. “Daniel are you like…safe, with these people who send you to me?”

Daniel looked surprised. “Safe how?”
“Like…they have you marked like a cow.”
“Oh.” Daniel looked uncomfortable. “I can get that removed one day. But like, Ari, trust me, you don’t want to talk about this.”
“No. Because in my life, this is the good outcome.“
Ari didn’t know what to say. He glanced down at the bed. He suddenly felt ashamed of the privilege in his life, the private schools he hated going to, the business schools he went to on his parents money, the brokerage firms that paid him huge salaries….
“Hey,” Daniel said firmly. “Look at me.”
Ari raised his head.
“Don’t pity me. And don’t feel guilty? Ok? I’m alright with how this all turning out. I’m housed, I’m fed, I get medical care. I got plans. I got savings. And I get laid regularly by some of the richest men in New York. I get to keep all the presents I get, you know? It does have its perks. Like nice boys like you who are sweet in bed, and offer me room service.”
Ari smiled. “I’ve been wanting to get you a gift for a while, I just didn’t know if I should.”
“Room service is a gift! The guys who send me here monitor how much carbs I eat. I’m guessing this hotel has waffles. And man do I want waffles.”
Ari chuckled. “Alright. No pity. No guilt. I’ll call you again soon. Lord knows I need the human contact from someone other than bankers.”
“Definitely not a banker.”

Ari leaned in for one more kiss. He slid his hand under the sheet for an opportunistic squeeze. “I’ll see you soon.” He reluctantly got off the bed, grabbed his briefcase, and left the hotel room. Daniel knew Ari was going back to his apartment – took risky to be seen leaving a hotel in the morning. This late at night it could be passed off for drinks or a client meeting. Daniel hoped Ari got to eat waffles this morning. Seriously, was there anything better for breakfast? Better than waking up to a cock in your ass like the guy last week, that was for sure.

Captions are fictional.


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