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Rashid considers the framed print over the fireplace. “That’s a nice Foo Fighters poster.”
“Thanks.” I stretch. “God, my leg’s still asleep.”
“Did you go to that show?”
“Yeah I did. The posters were almost sold out just thirty minutes in. Was lucky to grab one.”
“That is lucky. It’s really niece artwork. I didn’t think much of it last night-”
“We were a little distracted last night,” I interrupt.
Rashid chuffs through his nose. “Yes. But having slept on the floor after having some pretty damn good sex down here, I have a new angle to view it from, and I like it after all.”
“Who knew pretty damn good sex could turn you into a connoisseur of art.”
“Who knew. And who knows what would happen if we had sex in a museum.” Rashid stands up with a groan and looks around. “Actually, now that I can see your house in the daylight, I like it even more too. You have great style. Everything ties together so well.”
“Thank you, but are you just saying that cause you’re happy got laid last night and are trying to stay for breakfast, or do you like actually mean that?”
“Both?” Rashid grins. “Cause I’m starving but I want to spend the morning with you.” He wraps the blanket around his shoulders with no attempt to cover himself in the front.

I shamelessly stare at him from where I’m still on the floor. “Hm. I think I believe you. Cause looking at you in the daylight….”
Rashid waits for me to continue. “Yes?”
I shake my head. “Sorry. I was staring at your cock and I forgot what I was going to say.”
He laughs. “At least you’re honest.”
“Yeah! You’re fucking hot. And hung.”
Rashid blushes. “Now are you just saying that, or do you want me to stay for breakfast?”
I laugh. “I think there’s an echo in here. I want you to stay for breakfast cause I like you, but I think I want you to bend me over the table after we’re eating.”
Oh. I’m definitely staying for breakfast if there’s a chance of that.”
“Mn. I could spend like another thirty minutes sitting here on the floor staring up at you too, but I really have to pee.”
“I promise you can stare at my cock after you get out of the bathroom.”
I smile. “Keep talking and you’re gonna earn yourself some lunch too.”
Rashid looks pleased at this. “Ooo I’ll try. Hey, you have an Alexa. Can we play the Foo Fighters as we make breakfast?”
I make a noise from my throat. “Are you trying to stay the whole day?”
That makes him laugh again, and I realize how easy it’d be to just fall in love with a guy like Rashid. He helps me up, and makes some of his own jokes about staring at me while I insist it’s nothing worth looking at.

Rashid disagrees, and to highlight his interest, follows me Into the bathroom. He holds my cock as I pee, and it’s hilarious and I keep nearly missing because I’m laughing so hard. We end up groping each-other and we must take a shower before it gets out of hand. After a wash up, we bounce down to breakfast barely dressed. When Rashid pulls the eggs out of the fridge, I decide he is definitely bending me over the table after breakfast. I never get to tell him my decision though, because he comes over to flirt with me while I cut veg for the omelette and we end up having a rut against the counter while standing up!

Captions are fictional.


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