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“Are you taking my picture now? I’m not wearing much.”
“Sure am. I want a nice photo of you. You worked hard on that body during Covid. A lot of pictures I have of you are just your face.”
“We did take a lot of stupid selfies on the couch. And in the car. And in bed.”
“You can’t tell we’re naked in some of those.” I grin.
He gives me that “you’re such a rapscallion” look. “Ok, fine. Take your photo.”
I adjust the focus and zoom and snap a couple. “Turn a little sideways. There. Good.” I take another two and put my camera away. “I appreciated that.”
“No problem. But if you wanted some half naked photos me to jerk off when I’m not there, you could have just asked.”
“Pfft. If it was for wanking, I would have requested you’d be naked. Some naked photos would be nice though…”
He raises an eyebrow. “You’d like photos of me naked?”
I blink. “Duh.”
He blushes. “Hmm. We’ll see how slutty I feel tonight.”

He leaves me to think about that and wades into the river for a swim. I end up taking my camera out again to take a few shots of him, until he begs me to come in and join him. Not a difficult choice. It’s muggy and humid, and the water is blissfully frigid. Once I get in, he swims up to me, puts his swimwear in my hands with a smirk on his face, and glides off. I swallow hard as his butt crests the water. God, what a tease! He knows I can’t bring my camera in the water! I groan and swim after him, wanting him immensely.

Captions are fictional


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