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My my, are my eyes deceiving me? I can’t be a 100% sure, but I am pretty sure that boy has a chastity cage on under his swimtrunks. What is a boy like that doing all the way out here in these rural parts of Georgia? I suppose he’s come for a lake holiday like most of us, but he seems to be by himself. Shouldn’t there be a keyholder around here somewhere? If he were by himself, no doubt he’d be a bit concerned about getting relief he may need out here where Grindr don’t reach. He doesn’t look concerned at all, though. Or maybe he’s just good at using his toys. Maybe he’s self locked?
What a curious situation. Will have to keep an eye on that boy. He appears to be close in age to me, and not harsh on the eyes. I wasn’t hunting for a lay on this trip, but when an opportunity presents itself so beautifully, it’d be foolish to ignore it… even if he does have a keyholder, maybe they’d want some fresh company.

Captions are fictional.


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