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I sit on the edge of the tub. “What’s a matter, Brazos?”
He sighs and gestures toward the other side of the porch. “It’s Grant. I’ve lost him. Paul’s got him wrapped around his little finger. Or should I say his dick, which frankly isn’t so little.”
I glance at the two. “Yeah Paul’s known for being hung like a horse. If Grant wants to be a size queen, let him.”
“I had this whole plan though. I was going to fuck Grant, seduce him, put him in chastity, spank him a little… he’s been talking about wanting to get more wild and be in touch with his sex drive. I had this whole perfect thing planned out, and he’s been picked the guy whose been using the same condoms since high school.”
I choke on my drink and sputter. “Oof alcohol burn. Come on, Brazos, pouting isn’t your style. If Paul can’t give Grant what he needs, he’ll come crawling back to you, and this time you’ll know it’s to stay.”
He sighs long and deep. “I hope you’re right.”
“Don’t focus too much on them right now. You got so many other guys who’d let you fuck them.”
Brazos finally takes his eyes off Grant and lays them on me. “What?”
“You didn’t know? We know how long you can go, we know about your basement. Us bottoms talk. We got a better spy network than the FBI.”
“Yeah I suspected that. Bottoms scare me a little. That’s why I want to tame them so much. If you don’t, your project becomes your houseboy. I mean, nothing wrong with houseboys just… I wanted a project.”
I raise an eyebrow. “Now you are having a pity party.”
“It ain’t a party without beer.”
“We can fix that.” I get up to go get him a beer. I return with a can of mango ale for Brazos. I toss it to him one handed. “Catch.”
He positions his hands like a catch and grabs it easily. “Thanks.” Brazos holds it over the edge of the hot top and opens it. It fizzes, but he catches most of it with his mouth.
“Ok, so once you drink that, you’re going to come inside and fuck me, and then once you have cleared your mind a little I’m going to go find you a project.”
“You want me to fuck you?”
“Hell yeah I do. Want to see how hard you can pound me with thighs that thick.”
Brazos blinks at me. “I thought you weren’t looking for anything right now.”
“I’m not looking for a relationship. I’m always looking for a hot cock.”
Brazos smirks. “Well I have that. Are you sure you don’t want to be put into chastity and spanked?”
“I can’t do chastity, I have hemophilia.”
“Aww, I’m sorry.”
“Me too, me too. But if you spank me light enough to not cause bruising… I can be down. You have enough control for that?”
Brazos gets this sinister look on his face. “You should come see my collection of implements, and I think that will answer your question.”
I shiver. “Oh my. Let me finish this margarita, and then I’m coming inside with you.”
Brazos looks pleased. “I like where this is going.”
“As do I.” Grant and Paul are making out now. “Does Grant really use the same condoms since high school?”
“Yep. His dick finished growing before he did.”
“Were you jealous?”
Brazos shrugs. “At first. But I like the shape of mine better. And I like that it gets smaller when I’m not using it. Like, it’s compact for travel.”
I laugh. “That makes sense. Mine’s always been a big undersized, and I like how it fits in underwear.”
“You want a cock like Paul’s?” Brazos asks me, eyeing my thong.
“Nah. I like mine small. Especially when I’m with a top that has big hands that can hold the whole thing in their grip and rub the tip at the same time; it drives me insane.”

Brazos’s eyes go wide. He down the rest of the beer and crushes the can in his hands. “Ok. Inside. Now.

Captions are fictional.


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