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Jorge set is sparkling water on the end table and dropped onto the sofa with his Switch. He’d done all his tasks today – he’d worked out, prepped meals for the next two days, cleaned the kitchen, and had a consultation with a new client over his fitness goals.
Sweet, guilt-less leisure time until his boyfriend came home.

About twenty minutes later, Jorge heard the door open. He perked up. “Donovan?”
“I’m home~”
“Welcome home, kitten. How was your day?”
“Tiring,” Donovan whined.
Jorge paused his game and looked up as Donovan came into the room.

“I heard you get up early this morning. Did it catch up to you?”
“Yeah it did. I couldn’t sleep after that weird dream I had, so I thought I’d go for a jog and start my day early. Caught up to me after lunch. I nearly fell asleep at my desk, so I’m going to work from home the rest of the day.”
“You want something to eat? Dinner’s in the crockpot for later, be ready about 7.”
Donovan yawned. “No… just a nap.” He eyed Jorge on the sofa. “Fuck you’re a sight for sore eyes. Hm. I know what I’m going to do.”
Donovan held up a finger. “One moment.” He went to the bedroom. Jorge could hear him opening drawers. A few minutes later Donovan came back in his pajama pants and a soft tee shirt. He was also holding the seat from the reading chair by their big sun window.
“What are you doing with that kitten?”
Donovan smiled. “Cat nap.” He put the cushion on the floor between Jorge’s legs and sat down on it. He leaned his head against Jorge’s thigh and nuzzled the tight cotton briefs straining to contain Jorge’s package.
“Oh hello there. Is that where your nap spot is gonna be?”
“Mmmhm. I’m very comfortable. Also you smell good.”
Jorge tousled Donovan’s auburn curls. “I showered after my work out.”
“Ish nice.” Jorge then added, “This is so much better than my desk.”
Donovan smiled. “Get some rest kitten. I’m going to wear your ass out after dinner.”
Jorge pulled his sagging head up. “Buh? What did you say?”
“Nothing, nothing. Kitten. Get some rest.”
“I hope I heard that right…”
Donovan chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair and massaged his scalp. “Rest.”
“Oh that feels sooo good,” Donovan purred.

Jorge messed around on his phone with one hand until he was sure Donovan was out, and then withdrew his hand from his boyfriend’s hair so he could use his Switch with both hands. Hard to focus though with such adorableness at his feet. Jorge glanced at the can on the end table. Good thing he thought to bring that. He was going to be stuck on the sofa for a while. Not like he had any complaints about it though…

Captions are fictional.


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