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Caspian folded his arms and considered the flowers. Master had brought them home on Tuesday evening when his office closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. They survived the holiday, but now the roses were fading. The immature daisies were now in full bloom though. Caspian took the vase into the kitchen and sorted the blooms out. Some of the baby’s breath was salvageable as well. He plucked a milk bottle from the laundry room, cleaned it, and put the freshly cut stems in. Satisfied, Caspian returned it to the living room table. The sun made the arrangement glow.
“Lovely,” he said. Caspian smiled and went to make two cups of tea. As he waiting for the tea to steep, Caspian heard footsteps behind him. Caspian glanced into the dining room. Master paused to consider the flowers. He bent over and smelled them. To Caspian’s astonishment, Master picked up the flowers and took it with him.

The timer chimed and Caspian turned his attention to the tea. He put the second mug and two lace cookies on a small tray and took them to the sun room.
“Master?” he called.
“Yes boy?”
“I brought you tea. Permission to enter.”
“Ah. Delightful. Enter.”
Caspian balanced the tray on one hand so he could open the door. Master cleared a space on his desk so Caspian could place the tea. When he approached the desk, Caspian spotted the flowers in the milk bottle on the right side of Master’s laptop. Ahhh, things made sense now. The view outside the sun room was a forest bare from fall and dusted with the first winter’s snow. Caspian suppressed a smile. He placed the tea and cookies and knelt.
“May I do anything for you Sir?”
“If I told you, I’d be insulting you. You know what you need to do without me at this point, you are so ingrained with this household.”
“Oh Sir, that’s not true. I still need your guidance.”
“Subtle influences, maybe,” Master said with a smile. “How is your plug fitting?”
Caspian blinked. “Until now I forgot I was wearing it…”
“Aahh. That means it’s time to get you a bigger one.”
“Bi-bigger?” Caspian blushed.

“It really delights me how shy you are until I get you down into our play room, and you become a totally different boy. I believe, was it two nights ago? you were making the most filthy demands out of me.”
“I have no memory of that at all,” Caspian said in a dry tone.
His Master chuckled. “I like releasing that side of you. Houseboy by day, sub by night… hm. That could make a fairly good novel. The BDSM defender by night…”
“You have quite an imagination Sir. I wish I had time to fight crime. I do look good in tight clothing though.”
“Mn that you do. If you get cold later, maybe you should put on that vinyl outfit you wore at Pride instead of your long johns. Make dinner in that.”
Caspian thought about that. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at all. Dinner was mostly Thanksgiving left overs anyway, and he wouldn’t have much to burn when things inevitably got a bit heated. They were both quiet in their own thoughts. A notification sounded on Sir’s laptop. He glanced at it.
“Alright, tea’s getting cold. You’re dismissed love.”
Caspian shook his head and cleared his through. “Yes sir.” He bowed his head and stood up. “Thank you Sir.”

He left the room and went to find his kink wear. Maybe he should wear the long sleeve piece with the vinyl short pants he barely fit into anymore. Maybe Sir would let him feed him dinner wearing his gloves…
Caspian tutted himself. No point getting himself horny now just to be frustrated all day. Wait….nope too late. Time to go for a walk in the snow.

Captions are fictional.


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