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Bill glanced at himself in the mirror as he left the bathroom. The scratch marks he spotted before his shower were still noticeable. What a randy little thing he’d picked up last night! Bill paused in the doorway to consider the twink in his bed. Jax was naked except for his socks, twisted in Bill’s stained sheets. He was exceptionally pretty in the daylight. Slim and lightly muscled, faintly furred, proper pouty lips, manicured nails. Bill glanced at his name-brand clothes draped over a chair.
In another era, Jax would have absolutely been a dandy in high society. A daring rapscallion perhaps, a lusty bachelor who never marries. There’s rumors of the social clubs he goes to, and despite have many lady friends he has tea with, none of the rumors are about them…

Bill chuffs breath out of his nose at the image in his head. That should be Jax’s Halloween costume. He’d never fucked a boy in a waistcoat before.

And actually, he’d never fucked such a hot twink before either. Damn Bill, he asked himself, What did you drink last night? Liquid courage? There was also the fact that the twink was locked in a chastity cage. He’d never in his life picked up a boy with one on before, and it’d been a thrilling discovery to find out about it. It was like getting a rare Pokemon card or something – you need knew until you unwrapped it. Bill wondered who locked him, mostly to thank him for Jax writhing under him last night.

Bill walked around to the other side of the bed and pulled the sheet aside. To his surprise, there was a dark stain under Jax’s chastity cage. He’d been leaking all night! Despite what shot out last night, it seems there was still more to go. Jax’s cock twitched in its restraint. Bill licked his lips. He was now seeing the untapped potential of a locked boy.

Well, it was bad manners to leave your one-night-stands unsatisfied. Bill dropped the towel and crawled into bed to rouse Jax and greet him good morning.

Captions are fictional.


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