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Rafael set his cup on his thigh and exhaled as the warm tea went into his stomach. “Man, this is so nice,” he said.
Jude smiled at him. He was sitting with his back against the pillows, cup held with both hands. He was also wearing underwear, but also a tee shirt. “It is nice. I can’t remember the last time I got to actual enjoy my darjeeling while it was hot.”
Rafael chuckled. “That’s the truth.” He sipped. “Man, it’s so weird to hear the house so quiet.”
“Yeah I noticed that too. Some part of me instinctively feels that something is wrong.”
“Because you know, when the kids are quiet, something is being destroyed.”
Rafael laughs again. “That’s a true statement if I ever heard one. But we can’t be on edge if we’re going to enjoy our long weekend together. Or get anything done.”
Jude sipped. “I suppose. We’re not getting much done though. We’re just lounging in bed this morning.”
“Disagree. That was the whole point of sending the kids to your parents for our anniversary weekend, was so we could enjoy some time off together – not just so we could tidy up the house. We’re accomplishing that. Hell, I’d say we even got a head start last night catching up on that sex we missed.”
“Well when you put it that way, I’m going to merge with the pillows and not reappear until my teacup is empty. And damn, you were so hot last night. I can’t believe how tight I am now. I’m gonna have to work on that.”
Rafael smirked at Jude. “You gonna wear a plug around the house for me this weekend like we did when we were dating?”
Jude blushed. “Maybe.”
“I think it’s fucking hot. You smell really nice when you’re aroused.”
“I do?”
Jude sniffed his wrist. “I don’t smell any different.”
Rafael raised an eyebrow. “Are you aroused right now?”
“… A little. I may have been covertly staring at your bulge.”
“You are welcome to it. But we need to be ready and downstairs by noon.”

Jude blinked. “What? What for? Do we have plans?”
Rafael tried to hide the smug look on his face. “Yep. Adrian’s coming by with the sledgehammers, and his dad’s coming with to help with the electrical.”
“Sledgehammers? For what?” Jude looked so utterly confused.
“We’re demolishing that island in the kitchen you hate. And we’re also getting a new dishwasher by the way. Happy Anniversary.”
Jude stared. “No way.”
“Yes way.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yep. We’re getting the island out of the way. You complain about it every day. So I couldn’t think of a better gift to you.”
Jude set his tea cup down. “Holy shit, Rafael, you’re amazing.” He cupped his husband’s scruffy face with both hands and kissed him over and over. “Thank you thank you thank you!”

Rafael put his own cup on the nightstand, snaked an arm around Jude’s waist, and pulled him on top of his stretched out form. “I’m so happy you’re happy.”
“Ah, you’re so warm. And furry.” Jude nuzzled his partner’s chest. “I’m not happy, I’m absolutely ecstatic. No more hitting the island with the dishwasher door. No more walking all the way around the island to get to the other side of dishwasher. No more loud wash cycle…. I’m in heaven. Or getting old getting excited over appliances. One or the other.”
“We’re a long way since I gave you LSD for your birthday huh?“
Jude chuckled. “Wee bit. But I’d still do LSD with you.”
“I think I know what we’re doing over Christmas.”
Jude giggled. “Have a Christmas light rave.”
“That sounds excellent. Mnnf, you’re distracting me with the way you’re moving your hips…”
“Have your balls reloaded from last night?” Jude slipped his hands between them.
“Very much.”
“I think we need to continue from last night…” He caressed Rafael through the white cotton.
“Oh hell that feels good! Yea-yeah we can definitely continue. Just remember, we have to be presentable by noon.”
“It’s 9:30. Dick first.”
“Our tea is going to go cold.”
“We can reheat it.” He circled his thumb over the tip of Rafael’s cockhead trapped under the cotton.
He hissed. “Jesus christ, I need to get these off!”
“I was hoping you were going to say that, or I’m gonna have a real hard time sucking you off.”

Captions are fictional.


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