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I put my hands on my hips. “Well look at that. My plants are thriving.”
“They were in the wrong kind of soil, Sir.”
“How did you figure that out?”
“I did some research.” Damien is being humble but I see it in his eyes that he’s pleased with himself.
“Must be nice knowing how to read,” I say.
“It IS. It’s just hard cause I want to stay up so late reading, and then I’m tired during breakfast.”
“That explains your cranky mornings sometimes.”
“Sorry, Sir.”
I pat him on the shoulder. “No, don’t apologize. I’m happy for you. You worked hard at it.”
Damien blushes a little. He looks out over the water. “But the harder I work, the quicker I’m going to have to leave though won’t I?”
"What? Why?”
“Well you said I could stay here as your houseboy while I got caught up on my education and got my GED. I’m taking the test in May…”
I snort. “You think I’m gonna let you stop with a GED? No, boy. You need to think bigger. College.”
He turns to stare at me. “College?” Damien squeaks.
“Or whatever higher education you want. And you can stay here while you do that, even if you don’t want to be my houseboy anymore. I like having you around.”
“Oh Sir,” he sighs. “I want to stay here. I like being your houseboy. And having someone to have casual sex with is like…awesome”
“That’s my line.”
Damien chuckles. “Nope, mine.” He walks over to hug me. I crush him in my embrace. “But seriously, boy. Focus on your GED first, but start thinking bigger.”
“What if I just want to be a houseboy?”
“You’re not gonna want to be making eggs when you’re 40 and I’m 55. Trust me.”
Damien sighs. “You’re probabaly right but, I can’t fathom of thinking of leaving. I’m so happy to make eggs for you now, Sir.”
“Stop being so precious, I’m gonna get a cavity for how sweet you are. How did you survive on the streets for how long you did? When I think of you riding trains, it makes me sick.”
Damien hugs him back. “I had to do what I did to survive. I’d do it all again if I knew I’d meet you on the corner one day.”
“It’s weird to think where we’d be if I haven’t dropped my wallet,” I say.
Damien says, “You’d still be eating the worst eggs…”

I laughed. “You’re right. Man, I want eggs now.”
“Can I make breakfast for dinner?”
“Mmmn. That sounds good. Let’s do that.”
“Yay! I’m gonna do it naked.”
“Uh can we have breakfast at 3 pm?”
“No Sir! The house runs on a schedule.”
I groan. “Stop being so precious!”

Captions are fictional.


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