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“I have to say, I normally feel kind of ambivalent when company’s want to send me products, but I was already wearing House Arrest’s brand when they e-mailed me. And these boxer briefs are so goddamn comfy, and no wedg – oh hey everyone, it’s my boyfriend. Hi Jax.”
“Hey gorgeous. You streaming for Platform?”
“Yep. I’m doing a promo for underwear.”
“God your ass looks good in those, but it would look amazing in a paper bag.”
Tom giggles. “It would not. And it would crinkle if I even breathed. You’d get papercuts walking to the fridge. Fabric like this is much more comfortable. And soft.”
Jax climbs up on the bed.
“Oh hello there. Are you joining me on the stream?”
“I need to feel this for myself.” Jax cups Tom’s ass and squeezes. “Yeah that’s nice. Soft but I can still get a good grip…”
“Jax – woah, hey, just a reminder I’m still streaming,” Tom stammers.
“Let em watch,” Jax suggests. He kisses Tom’s neck and brings their bodies together.
Tom gasps. “Christ you are a madman!”
Jax slips his arm around Tom’s torso, and slides his hand down his thigh.
“Aah!” Tom arches against Jax. He puts an arm around his neck and gives in to the desire to kiss that man and let him ravish his mouth in return.

In a moment, streaming seems marginally less important than it was a moment ago. Tom lowers his hand with the phone as he gets distracted by the way Jax is making him feel. Jax cups Tom between the legs and squeezes. Tom makes a guttural cry. The phone falls to the bed. Jax guides Tom backwards to the bed and pulls the underwear off so he can stroke him properly. Tom twists his fingers into Jax’s hair and keens.

When they finish and the Earth stops spinning, Tom gets his wits back about him. “…Is my phone still streaming?” He wipes his hand on the sheets and picks it up; his face goes pale. “Oh shit it is. Uhhh hi everyone. Oh my god there’s so many people watching this. Um. Fuck uhh. Well that was a little unexpected. I- uh-”
Jax takes the phone. “Your boy’s a little busy now. Leave a message.” He shuts off the recording.
Tom covers his face with his hands and groans. “Thanks for doing that. Fuck, I may get decommissioned for that.”
“But people will be talking about it for a while.”
“Yeah I guess it’s true. Any press is good press right? Mmn I love it when you kiss me. Wanna take a shower together?” Tom asks.
“Oh hell yeah, we haven’t done that in a while.”

Tom later posts a photo on Instagram of the pair of underwear in front of the shower door. “Sorry to everyone who watched my stream on Platform last night. I didn’t intend to keep recording during an intimate moment with my boyfriend. I really apologize you had to listen to that. Some of you seemed to uhhh not mind so much, but others were upset. I apologize, but sometimes, real life interrupts the life we craft for ourselves, and those moments matter more than what you’re doing on your phone.”
To his surprise, the underwear company loves the photo and wants to use it for a campaign. Tom is less impressed when he gets offers to shoot porn, and turns them down. He has standards, really.

Captions are fictional.


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