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After a long morning of sex and intimacy, you enjoy a quiet skin-to-skin embrace with Rich as you two catch your breath. As your eyes meet, you see just how exhausted Rich is. That’s when you realize that you’ve found your man. No words need to be spoken, no gestures, no second guessing. Rich spent the entire morning working hard to make it feel good for you over himself. You were so lost in the extasy of sex and foreplay that you couldn’t spare any resource to give it consideration. Rich not only gave it consideration, he considered it from the start. Hell, he probably worked twice as hard as you did, and you had no clue until now. You acknowledge your awareness with a kiss and by giving him a nuzzle. You’re in awe of him and struggle to express your love. Simple words will do. “Thank you for this morning. You were amazing.”
Only then does Rich smile.

Captions are fictional.


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