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Today’s alright….so far….

Jobe has a cigarette in the patio outside the hotel room. He came into town for the horse auction, but in the evening there was nothing to do. There was a hot guy walking around the hotel in that morning, but he was nowhere to be found when Jobe went down for dinner. After a period of digestion, Jobe decided it was too warm in his room, and it made sense to go for a swim. He was not expecting to see that man, the hottest man in the hotel, reading in a lounge chair. Fuck.

The cigarette was supposed to calm his nerves, but every time he glanced at that guy’s direction he got the jitters again. It was unlikely to go away. He was so hot. Just a slab of American beef. Shoulda been auctioned with the horses. Woulda gone for more, definitely.

Jobe exhaled and put out his cigarette stub. He strode into the pool with his Wyoming-bred swagger. He walked over the chair next to Hot Guy.

“Pardon. Mind if I set my hat here or are you waitin’ for someone?”

The man looked up from the book and startled slightly. “Ah, it’s you!”

Jobe blinked. “Me?”

“Yeah, I was behind you a bit in the line to check-in yesterday. I overheard you say you live in Boulander. I grew up in Arrow Bend.”

“Ah, that’s the next town over! What are the odds. You still live in Wyoming?”

“Sure do. About an hour from Casper.”

Jobe felt his heart race when he saw the man’s eyes flicker to his crotch. “Man what the odds. Are you here for the auction?”

“Sure am.”

“Me too.”

“Maybe we can be friends,” the man purred.

Jobe shifted on his feet. “I’d like that.”

“Well go for your swim, let’s talk after I finish my book.”

Before Jobe to could stop himself, he blurted out, “Maybe we could go back to my room and have a nightcap.”

A deep smirk appeared on the man’s face. “I’d like that.”

Jobe’s head spun. He realized he was getting an erection and turned away. “Good. Let’s talk later cowboy.” Jobe could have sworn he heard the man groan. He was relieved the pool was cold.

Later that evening, they made it through one shot of bourbon before tensions boiled over. Jobe was thrown to the bed and ridden like a stallion. He hadn’t realized how badly he needed a fuck, but as the stress of work and travel melted away, Jobe had a feeling the stranger wouldn’t be spending much time in his own room for the duration of the trip.


Captions are fictional.


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