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“You brought me something to drink? That’s so thoughtful of you. You are such a good host.”
“Thank you Sir. I love serving men.”
“I love it. Are you shareable?”
“Shareable Sir…?” the young man asks. His eyes lingered on the silhouette of Ahmed’s cock in the wet underwear.
“When I dry off, I’d love for someone to come reapply sunscreen…but I wouldn’t want to offend Damien’s hospitality.”
The boy licks his lips. “You see this?” He pointed to his chastity cage.
“That’s the only thing Damien doesn’t like to share. He gave me clear instructions to accommodate his guests. I intend to obey that order.”
“Well I’d hate for Damien to think his sub isn’t doing his job. Come back in fifteen minutes. Mm this lemonade is good.”
“Yes sir!”

The lad came back a bit later to find Damien completely naked, sunning his furry body on the lounge chair with no shame at all. Good lord. Why did God make men so beautiful? Oh yeah. To be served.

Captions are fictional.


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