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Me and the boys summoning a top

This is correct cause tops are demons

“Ok, so it says once our knees are over the circles on the floor, we have to join hands and say the chant with you repeating after me.” Joey starts.
“Will this really work?” John asks.
“It better,” Chris interjects. “I’m so fucking horny.”
“Can we summon a top with four dicks?” John. “He can fuck us all at once.”
Joey looks at the book. “That seems too advanced.”

Michael snorts. “His dicks would have to be so long to fuck us all at once.”
”Ew….” John says.
“Look, one dick is fine as long as he can USE it,” Chris says.
“Is the demon going to be white?” Michael asks.

“What?” Chris asks.
“I mean, we’re all white. Is the demon gonna be white? It’d be hot if he were black…”
”Uh, is that an option?” another says.
Chris. “I don’t care what color that dick is. Dick is dick.”
Joey flips through the book. “Look, we’re still new at this. Let’s make sure we can SUMMON a top first before try like, customizing it.”
John sighs. “Joey is right.”

Joey clears his throat. “Alright, let’s join hands.” Joey sets the book on his knee. After they join hands, Joey reads the Latin and his friends repeat after him. When the chant ends, the flames go out.
Several boys gasp. Everyone is frozen still, looking at each other, waiting to see what happens.

“Now…what?” Chris whispers.
John clears his throat. “I was sort of expecting him to like, come out of the floor…”
“That’s silly,” Michael says.
“So what were you expecting?”
“Well I –”

John is cut off by the sound of a knock at the door.

Captions are fictional.


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