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Giovanni strode into the kitchen in an outfit that cost over four figures from shoes to haircut. It was a lovely spring day. His houseboy had some jazz music on low volume playing in the background. A mimosa was already waiting on the table, next to a newspaper.
“Good morning, boy.” Giovanni sat down, tucked in a linen napkin, and briefed the paper with his glass in his other hand.
“Good morning, Sir. Sleep well?”
“I did, thanks to you boy. Your mouth around my cock is better than any sleeping pill.”
There was the sound of a fork being dropped. “T- thank you Sir. I enjoy servicing you.”
Giovanni suppressed a smile. “I enjoy it more than you.”
“That’s impossible, Sir.” The houseboy strode over and set down a small ramekin of cut fruit and half a spinach omelette. Giovanni liked to watch this. The houseboy’s dark skin made such a nice contrast to the white plates. Plus, his fingers were so long that every motion he made was so graceful and delicate. He seemed to float and flit with an ethereal grace that Giovanni loved. Giovanni sipped his drink and tried to keep his thoughts pure. He hated going to work with damp underwear.
The last plate arrived on the table. Giovanni set the paper down. “Boy.”
“Yes sir?” he giggled.
“What. What did you do the pancakes?”
“I got a star cookie cutter. Isn’t it fun? They’re banana caramel, your favorite.”
“That is my favorite. I just think the last time I had food in shapes, I was five. I’m a goddamn CFO now.”
The boy put his hands on his hips. “Are you telling me the CFO of Buenaco is too good for star pancakes his houseboy made by hand for him? Are you like some circle pancake food elitist?”
Giovanni gave his houseboy a ‘look’ but he did not have an answer for that. He honestly thought sometimes he should bring his houseboy to work and have him argue business deals, cause he’d win them all. Giovanni considered his breakfast. “They are pretty cute…” Giovanni admitted.
“You are a very serious man, Giovanni. Nothing wrong with having a little fun. When was the last time you had that? When you were five?”
Giovanni spread the butter around on the pancakes. “…Probably. My dad had me running bets for him by the time I was 6.”
“There you go. Eat you food before it gets cold.”
Giovanni really should have spanked that boy for his bossiness, but he kind of liked him a little sassy. Giovanni ate his food in silence. Shaped or not, they were goddamn delicious.

In the break room at work later, he was talking to another accountant and asked her. “Hey Sandra.”
She was eating a yogurt. “What’s up?”
“What would you do if your houseboy made you star shaped pancakes for breakfast?”
She raised her eyebrows. “Oh my god, that’d be so cute! I’d kind of die. I love quaint shit like that. ”
“Cause my houseboy did that this morning.”
“Awww really? I’m so jealous! Did you take a photo?”
“Uh, yeah I did.” Giovanni showed it to her. She snatched the phone out of his hand. “Awwww! Margaret look at this!”
“Hey! That’s my phone, where are you going with that??”
It took five minutes to get his phone back from being passed around the legal department. “It’s just pancakes!” Giovanni insisted.
“No, you don’t get it,” Margaret scolded him. “Your houseboy loooves you.”
“Loves me? But he works for me…”
That made Sandra and Margaret both giggle. “Does your brain process anything else but numbers?”
Giovanni put his phone in his pocket. “Clearly not.” He stomped back to his desk, still confused. Star pancakes means my houseboy loves me…?  He loves me…?
It filled his thoughts all day. I’m loveable?

Captions are fictional. Oh come on, they are cute aren’t they?


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