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Tied up and gagged again ☺️❤️

Marcus came to check on Joe. “How are you doing?”
“Better,” Joe said. “But I every time I think of Todd I just want to punch him in the face.”
“Well. That’s a normal thing with Todd. The trick is to be able to have those thoughts without punching him in the face.”
“He needs a good punch in the face.”
Marcus folded his arms. “Well. Yes. But it never ends at that. You can seriously hurt or even kill someone if you punch them wrong. And it doesn’t take him down, it’ll just get worse. You know this. How many times have you been arrested or detained for fighting?”
Joe didn’t answer.
“Uh huh. You know. Learning to be at peace with your aggression is your salvation. Either that, or we have to start making some medical decisions about curbing your testosterone.”
Joe exhaled. “I know that. I hate it. I feel like the Hulk sometimes.”
“I’ll get better,” Marcus said.
“I’m glad you pulled me off him and put me in time out, Marcus. I was hoping you would. I’m scared I’m going to get dependent on that.”
Marcus made a noise in his throat. “That would be a problem. Maybe you need a shock collar.”
“Are you serious?”
“I don’t know,” Marcus said. “But I had another suggestion.”
“What?” Joe asks.
“I think enrolling you in some sort of martial art – an aggressive one like Brazilian Ju Jitsu or something – may help?”
Joe rolled on his side to look at Marcus. “How would sending me to fighting classes make me STOP fighting?”
“Cause it’d give you an outlet for your energy and aggression, but you’d learn how to control it and your strength. Learn some discipline. You work in an office. You don’t work out enough. You need an outlet. Something involving grappling.”
Joe thought. “That sounds kind of fun….”
“Better than a shock collar?”
“Yeah. Or being castrated,” Joe snorts.
“You know I’d never cut your balls off,” Marcus retorted. “I like to play with them too much.”
Joe laughs. “Yeah you do. You could get me neuticles or something though.”
“Oh dear god,” Marcus snorted. “Yeah no. Alright, I’ll look into it for you, boy.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
“You’re welcome. You have another twenty minutes with your thoughts and I’ll come untie you for a break ok?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Think you’ll be calm enough by then? Todd’s long gone.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Good boy. Holler if you need anything.”
“Could I get some water please?”
“Absolutely.” Marcus gave Joe’s foot a squeeze. “Be right back.”

Joe wiggled around for a moment and got comfortable again. Marcus was so patient with him. He felt more and more embarrassed about his out-of-control aggression every time he had to come tell Marcus what he’d done, head bowed, tail between his legs, bruises on his knuckles. But Marcus never punished him. Just disciplined him, or tied him and showed him stillness.
And for once in his life, Joe felt like he could be saved. He loved Marcus a lot. He never wanted to be a good boy for anyone before. But for Marcus, it mattered. He didn’t want to let him down. Did Marcus really think ju-jitsu would be a good outlet for him? Joe was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t hear Marcus come back with water and startled when he appeared in his peripheral vision.

Captions are fictional.


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