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“HEY! Leave my houseboy alone! Get your hands off him or I’ll beat your ass!” Cosmo sighs. I can’t even go swimming without someone lusting after his ass. Even with the collar and the chastity device! Do I need to hang a sign on him that says ‘do not touch’? Mmmn. No. I think I need to get the boy a taser. “Boy come here.” Cosmo waits for the boy to jog behind him, hiding behind a massive fluffy towel. “He’s creepy Sir!”
“Boy, did you say no?”
“…In a polite way.”
“Did you tell him to fuck off?”
The boy gasps. “I can’t tell an alpha man that!”
“You can’t tell ME that,” Cosmo corrected, “But if someone is harassing you, you tell THEM that.”
The lad looks horrified.
Cosmo raises an eyebrow. “I think I trained you too formally. Say fuck.”
“…Fuck?” he whispers.
Cosmo laughs. “You’re adorable. Say fuck off!”
“Fuck off!”
Cosmo laughs harder. “Ok, that doesn’t work.”
The houseboy makes a face. “What if I try a different tactic?”
“Like what?” Cosmo asks.
The houseboy straightens his shoulders. “Fuck me?”

Cosmo’s eyebrows shoot up. “Ohh that’s brave of you. But I could get used to that…”
The houesboy wonders if he’s made mistake.
“You want me to fuck you right now, boy?”
“Sir you uh, look really hot in that Speedo and I’ve been locked for quite a while…”
“Tell me you want me to fuck you boy.”
The boy squares his shoulders again. “Fuck me, Sir.”

Cosmo smirks. “Let’s go back to the yacht. I love screwing on that chair on the deck.”
The boy nods enthusiastically. It had been an educational day. “Oh uh, here is your towel Sir.”

“Thank you boy.” Cosmo swats him on the butt. “On with you now. You’re giving the orders today!”
The houseboy wonders what he’s gotten into…giving orders to Sir?? Just much could he get away with…?

Captions are fictional.


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