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Holy cow. I am becoming a Daddy. When did THAT happen? when did all this grey happen? When did my ass get so big? When did I stop wearing jock straps? I must be seriously getting old… fuck..

Art picked up his phone and texted one of his favorite sluts. “Hey Damien, am I too old? Will the gays think I’m creepy?”
Damien texted back: “???? Where is this coming from? Sure you’re a little silver, but you got this confident mature thing really works for you.”
“Uh duh. And besides, it’s only creepy when old dudes pretend they’re still 20. You don’t do that. You strut it.”
“Wow, thanks. You want a photo of me in my underwear?”
“Also duh. Also not in your underwear too…”
Art sent him both.
“Fuck you are so sexy Daddy. Would it be rude to invite myself over? I haven’t had sex in two days…”
“Never rude. Bring wine.”
“Mmm yes Daddy.”
Art gave himself another look in the mirror. “I could get used to being a Daddy.” He tossed the phone on the bed. Better go get the lube and condoms ready. Damien always wore him out.

Captions are fictional.


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