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I watch the boy from the back door.

“Mooooo~” the boy says to our cow.
“Mrrrooooooo~” the cow replies. She likes to come over in the afternoon and say hi.
The boy chuckles. “Moooooooooo.”

I can’t help it and start laughing. The boy looks over his shoulder.
“How long have you been standing there Sir?”
“Long enough. You know, I read your dossier pretty well. I didn’t know my houseboy had bovine interpretation skills.”
My boy grins wide. “We’re talking about you you know.”
I raise an eyebrow and fold my arms. “Are you now?”
“Yeah, I mean – I can see how she made the mistake. We both see a big hunk of beef.”

I scoff with a groan and roll my eyes so hard they really roll out of my head. “Oh my god.” I turn and walk back into the house. I feel secretly pleased, but refuse to give him the satisfaction of knowing that. I can hear him laughing from where I am in the kitchen. It’s bold and full – a nice sound. He didn’t laugh a lot when he came here. Too scared, too nervous. But he’s clearly happy and settling in well. And well, he made a new friend didn’t he?

I peek out the window. He’s petting her and rubbing her ears. Good lord, that’s so adorable. I let the houseboy win one over me. Nothing in the Housemaster Handbook about putting the “pun” in “punishment” for terrible zingers. Unless I think of something sexy and creative…

Captions are fictional. Moo.


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