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“I mean, this garden is quaint and all Mike, but really have you thought about this seriously?”
Mike takes off his gloves. “What do you mean, take this seriously?”
“You’re throwing your whole career away to raise a kid? I mean, come on Mike, I think it’s sweet you want to be a stay at home dad but why you and not Daniel? Daniel’s a designer, can’t he work from home? We need you at the office.”
Mike considered his supervisor. “Well, Hampton, it was kind of you to come out here and talk to me in person. But I don’t think you really want me back at the office because I’m a valuable team member. I think old man Cavington realized just how much work I was doing, considering I absorbed Monica’s job after she left with pretty much no pay increase. Funny how never quite got around to replacing her. And I’m guessing he’s since hired someone who can’t keep up since I’ve been on paternity leave, and now you have to hire someone else to do the rest of the work, and it’ d be easier and cheaper to have me there to take advantage of again.

Hampton narrowed his eyes, “Hey now. You were still paid well, and Cavington takes care of us.”

“I was paid well for the job I was doing at 45 hours a week. Not working 70 hours a week. Look, I appreciate that you came out here, and told me I’m valuable, but I’m not coming back. I’m happy out here, being a stay at home dad., working in the garden, raising our little girl. Adopted children need more support in their lives.
And for your knowledge, Daniel doesn’t like working at home because he gets distracted. He gets more work done in the office. We didn’t make the decision how to structure our family lightly. And to be fair – if I was a woman staying home to raise our kid, I doubt you’d be here.”
“That’s unfair.”
“Maybe. But I know why Monica quit. Cavington wouldn’t leave her alone.”
Hampton didn’t say anything.
“Yeah. Look, you’re a nice guy. Just don’t be doing Cavington’s dirty work for him. Honestly Hampton, you should be getting paid more too. I heard Quantic’s is hiring. I bet you could get paid a lot more there,” Mike says.
Hampton studies him. “I see. Well. I gotta get back into the city before traffic gets bad. Good luck Mike. If you change your mind by Friday, let me know.“
“Ok Hampton. Thanks for coming.”

They shook hands. Hampton left. His car was probably still warm. Mike listened to it drove off. He tilted his head up and felt the sun on his face. At his feet Caroline babbled and chewed on a leaf. This was the best decision he ever made. Office life wasn’t for him. This was better.
“Oh honey don’t put a rock in your mouth. Come on, let’s finish weeding. We want to make a nice salad for when daddy comes home for dinner. And let’s do a load of laundry – and give you a bath. Goodness your feet are filthy!” Mike tickled her toes and she giggled. Mike’s chest filled with love. God, he enjoy being a stay at home dad. There was so many perks – like the increase in sex he was getting now too was also nice. He looked forward to Daniel coming home so he could greet his man with a big kiss.

Captions are 100% fictional. Photo came from the instagram account linked above.


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