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Vihaan didn’t quite realize just how much he was staring at the blond guy who was drying off from the pool. He was just hypnotized by the way the water sluiced off his body. He was an enticing mix of cute and sexy. Kind of twinky. What made a twink a twink instead of just a regular guy? It may be the pink bathing suit. Vihaan didn’t realize just how much he was staring until the twink turned, and began to rustle with this belongs and pack up to leave.
Vihaan felt a pang of regret. He could stalk him into the shower room, but it felt so creepy to do so. He sighed and wondered what to do. The boy was perfect. He had such a perky butt…

It was dawning upon Vihaan that the blond was walking toward him. He was LOOKIng at him. Vihaan stumbled backwards and slipped on the pool step and nearly fell back in the water. He grabbed the handle and tried to totally pass it off as something he meant to do.

The blond looked amused. He knelt down and placed a folded piece of paper – a receipt actually – on a dry spot on the pool edge. “If you are going to stare, you could at least take me out for coffee and get to know me.”
“Aah-…” Vihaan was so startled he couldn’t figure out what to say. The

smirked, turned, and walked away. Vihaan gawked at his butt. When the young man disappeared into the changing room, Vihaan went for his towel to dry his hands and pick up the receipt. It was a phone number. And it was underlined. In pink pen. “Ohh wow… he really is a twink.” Vihaan tucked the paper into his shoe. He needed to get back into the cooler water so his erection would go away. How soon could he call this boy? An hour? Two hours? Definitely today….

As Vihaan climbed into the pool, an older woman gave him two thumbs up and winked. He groaned.

Captions are fictional.


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