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Thomas closed the door behind him and hung up his hat. “Mother, I’m home.”
She bustled out into the parlor. “Hello darling. Wonderful timing. I was just about to put on tea. How was your lesson?”
“Wonderful, mother. I seem to have gotten over the difficulty of fingering the flute…I have a new piece to practice too.”
She clapped her hands. “Delightful! I want you to shine in that parade over Christmas.”
“I will mother.”
“Your tutor seems to be doing well with you.”
Thomas took off his boots. “He is mother. This tutor is excellent. I know father spoke poorly of him because his skin is not like ours, but he is a fine musician… he is taught me a lot about how to train my mouth to play the flute using these certain exercises. I don’t tire so much anymore.” He was trying so hard not to smile.
“You will be a professional by spring then?”

Thomas rubbed the back of his neck. “Well. Not by then. But I hope to keep seeing this tutor through next spring… I can’t become professional without maintaining long lessons.”
“Well, we’ll make sure to budget for this tutor when your pay comes from the military.”
“Yes mother.”
Thomas licked his lips. They were still a bit swollen. He’d had a shot of brandy before he left to clear the taste from his tongue. Thomas wished he could still taste his tutor though. And smell him. He had such a fine cock, in such an unusual dusky hue, and such dark curls…
“Thomas love, come help me with the tea tray.”
Thomas shook his head. He couldn’t be suspicious. If caught, it would be terrible. And of course, their fun would end. Fun that was slowly going to new, daring places. "Coming mother!”

Captions are fictional.


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