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Joe sat up in bed. “Wuuh!”
Tim startled and opened an eye. The sun was in his face.
“MNnnnngg…it’s so early.” He held up his hand. “Whas-wrong?”
Joe looked around the room, then over at Tim. “My god. I had the weirdest dream.” He clutched at the blanket.
“What-wazzit?” Tim asked with a yawn.
“I died for … some reason, and it was later explained to me that death arranged for me to die because he wanted my ass.”
Tim stared. “I’m sorry what?”
“Death was coveting my ass so he killed me for my butt. You know, normal dream stuff.” Joe made a sarcastic hand gesture.
Tim looked concerned. “I’m in trouble if I have to compete with the grim reaper for your ass.”
“I don’t want the grim reaper to covet my ass!” Joe looked over his shoulder and checked on his bare bottom. “It’s still there at least.”
“Even if he did, I wouldn’t let him-” Tim paused for another yawn. “Have ya. You’re mine. Now come here, I need another hour.”
Tim raised an arm. Joe dove down and snuggled under his embrace.
“Mmnnn much better,” Tim noted.

Joe sighed as comfort set in. “Ya know.”
“Mmnn?” Tim replied.
“For being only bones, Death had some freakin’ cold hands.”
“That’s concernin’.” Tim searched for Joe’s butt and gave it a pat. “Better?”
“Oh yeah. Much much better. I never thought I would miss skin.”
“Good. Gimme like an hour, and I’ll fuck you and make you nice n warm ok? Lotta skin.”
“That would make me feel better.”
Tim chuffed. “Good. That’s why I’mma here. If I can’t fuck ya until ya feel better, my dick’s broken.”
Joe snorted. “We’ll give it an inspection, to be sure..”
“How nice of you to care about me,” Tim said. He was barely awake when he started the sentence and fell asleep by the end.

Joe patted Tim on the sternum. He was awake for a lot longer than he’d thought, because once he started wondering if death had genitalia his brain wouldn’t stop thinking about it. Especially because boners didn’t have any bones in them! It didn’t leave Joe’s mind until Tim fucked it out of his head later.
Captions are fictional.


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