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bone-up!  puphawaii & puphawaiitoo
HOLY FUCK .. have you seen traffic/user counts drop dramatically on your tumblr?   LOTS of people view tumblr on their portable devices .. iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets.  There’s a new setting on the Tumblr app for these devices and the default is filtering out what you see.  I don’t want anyone to filter what i see on my dashboard!

PLEASE FIX IT TUMBLR!  But since that’s like a snowball’s chance in hell here’s what you can do:
Open your tumblr app
Go to settings
Go to general settings
Go to dashboard preferences
You will see “Best Stuff First”
You’ll see it’s turned on – TURN THAT FUCKER OFF!

Do you think tumblr has any idea what posts YOU want to see on your Dashboard?   I don’t think so.  Don’t let tumblr decide what you should see and what you shouldn’t see!

bone-up!  puphawaii & puphawaiitoo

bone-up!  puphawaiitoo & puphawaii

I generally don’t repost stuff on my blog… but I wanted to spread the word. Traffic here is down 70%… which is fine, no big deal. But for the last 5 days or so, a lot of posts from people I follow haven’t been showing up in my dashboard stream.

I changed the settings in my app to show everything again.

Dumb move, Tumblr, making that change without notifying everyone. Reminds me of Twitter messing with everyone’s timelines… okay maybe not that stupid. But still stupid.

And here I thought the lower numbers were due to all the puns @natty-pup was sending me. 

Oh please. That’s why your numbers are still somewhat high @sir-erik

Reblogging cause how the hell is Tumblr supposed to discern which butts I want to see over others?


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