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Wow. This view is NICE! Super nice. That is definitely the Eiffel Tower. Wait. The ..Eiffel Tower? Those street signs are in French. I’m in FRANCE? I woke up in Cambridge yesterday! We went to London to party… I remember that. The fuck happened? How much did I DRINK? I remember my wallet and cellphone being on the nightstand…

“Allo? Cody? Où es-tu?”
Cody’s eyes go wide and he turns to face the apartment he woke up in. “Oh my god I literally took home a French boy.”

Cody walks back into the apartment, in a daze. “Uh hi?”
The boy’s face lights. “Allo. I thought you left. You’re here.”
“Yes. Um. I have to ask – did we fuck?”
The French lad smirks. He picks up a box of condoms on the bed, then turns it upside down. One falls out. He begins to snicker.
Cody blushes. “Guess we did.”
The French guy smiles and stretches. “I hope you remember despite how much you drank. The sex was very good.”
Cody blinks. Drunk him was a stud apparently. “Merci?”
The lad chuckles. “You’re cute. You want to get breakfast? Yes?”
“Oh hell yes,” Cody agrees. “I’m feeling hung over and I’m starving. Last thing I ate was donar kebab last night.”
“Oh that was very long ago,” the man teases. He gets out of bed, not ashamed of his nudity. “I am going to go shower. Then, breakfast, and ….” he holds up the one condom on the bed. “Maybe?”
Cody grins. Drunk Cody had excellent taste in men. “Depending how I feel, we may need more.”
Both eyebrows go up. “C’est fantastique!”

Captions are fictional.


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