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Jasper was about to leave the house when he realized something was off. He paused in the door with his duffel in one hand, and his crop in the other. Jasper put the crop in his mouth and did a check – keys, cellphone, wallet, change of clothes, all in his duffel. What was it? It wasn’t his lack of shirt – that he packed. Besides he got sweaty and hot immediately when he was Domming and always took it off within minutes. No need to wear it there. It was balmy out tonight anyway.

Jasper reached for his duffel when he realized what was missing.
“My gloves,” he groaned through the crop in his teeth. He tromped upstairs and picked up his soft leather gloves off his dresser. Jasper slid them on and admired how well they fit, how different he felt. He was glad he remembered.

He wasn’t sure what boys he’d be working with tonight, but he knew those boys made judgements on first impressions. And if Jasper had forgotten something, and figured out later, the boys would know. They would sense he wasn’t ready. Wasn’t dressed. These boys put a lot of trust in you to rock their world. You gotta have full confidence when walk in there, promising to own their asses and conquer their bodies.

Yeah, you really had to be ready for anything. Jasper glanced at himself in the mirror before he left his bedroom. What a fine looking man he’d grow up into. He smirked. The gloves were already working their magic. Jasper hummed to himself as he went downstairs. He hoped Gabriel was at the dungeon tonight – boy was pale and fuzzy, and had an ass like a ripe peach begging to be split open until the juices down his fingers.

Jasper was fantasizing about his last session with Gabriel as he headed out the door. The leather of his gloves creaked as he picked up his duffel. He tucked his crop under his arm, and went into the night.

Captions are fictional.


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