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“That’s it, sweet boy. Fill your nose with the smell. Let it override your senses. Fill your thoughts with it. Imprint it upon your memory. Feel the warm against your hand. Put your thumb right under my shaft, feel that pulse. Do you feel it?”
He nods and exhales a long ragged breath. “I do, I feel it, Sir.”
“That’s where all the blood rushes in when I see you in need. It makes me incredibly hard, makes my cock swell up huge, nice and straight, so I can fuck you. You want me to fuck you?”
“Oh yes Sir! Want your dick, want it in me so bad….smells so good.”
“Do good boys or bad boys get fucked by their keepers?”
“Good boys.”
“And what makes a good boy good?” I guide his hand so it’s ever so gently cupping my balls.
The boy whimpers, resisting the urge to squeeze – or press them against his face through the fabric. “A good boy is an obedient boy. A horny, chaste boy, who follows the rules and makes his keeper proud.”
“Very good, boy,” I say, emphasizing the ‘very’. “And have you been good?”
“I tried very hard to be Sir!”
“And are you chaste and horny?”
“So very horny Sir! My cock aches to be let free, to cum – to have an anal orgasm triggered by your penis inside of me…” he looks down from my eyes to my cock and loses his trail of thought.
I caress the back of his soft head. “Good boy,” I purr. Using the controller in my other hand, I turn on the vibration in his plug. The boy moans in ecstasy and sweet agony.
“Oh SIR!” he cries, leaning against my leg. “Oh Sir, oh god oh god yes!”
I smirk. “Move your hips. Spread your legs. Once you begin to drip, then I’ll fuck you.”
Instantly his knees slide apart and he begins undulating, trying to push that sensation against his prostate. He is making a lot of noise, lidded eyes half closed. “May I suck you?” he asks, ragged.
“You may,” I agree, having to try very hard to make myself wait for his ass. He must drip first.
The boy pushes up my shorts on one side, finds my cock head, and latches his lips around it like a hungry lamb. The sight of him suckling on me while moaning and writhing with his tightly caged red cock on display for me? My body did not know to react to how aroused it made me, and my cock did not even know what to do except grow and ache. I moaned and shot down the boy’s open throat – but my cock did not soften at all. It was saving that load to be deposited in a tight and warm place. My boy had earned that.

Captions are fictional.


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