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Britin + Gallavich

I’m an old queer. I know. I’m married. Own a house. We have 2 dogs and a 30 year old cockatoo. I had my time, partying and chasing boys. Fucking in alleys, taking home guys and never knowing their names. Hot boyfriends in bands who are jerks. Lost friends to AIDS. Saved friends from abuse. Protested profiling and hate. Voted for love. Found love. Got married.

My husband loves having nights for this video games, and on those nights I hit the clubs. I love the music and the sex and free expression. I love watching boys kissing. All the bartenders are my friends.

Now? I’m the mom. Have a relationship problem? Talk to me. Need someone to watch your drink? I got you. Need your drugs tested for cheap? I got kits. Need a condom and lube? I got you. You snagged that hot black guy? Awesome! Bed the hell out of him. I got you.

I got you. I got my own seat at the bar. Come say hi.

Captions are fictional. Queer as folk UK.


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