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I sip my drink and think, with a dopey smile on my face, God he’s dumb. He’s just meat, communicating in this ancient animalistic language of muscles and grunts and assigning himself status by how many bitches he’s shagged. He makes stupid jokes over dinner – at a chain restaurant, of course – and puts away beer easily during the meal.

I find him kind of amusing actually. These jockbros are predictable. I will let him fuck me later, but there’s no future in this relationship. But that’s how it’s supposed to be – guys like Brice exist purely to fuck horny boys that have an urge to bottom. He’s just a rather realistic dildo for when our toys aren’t doing it for some reason. I’ll set him free after sex. Hell, it’s my duty to set him free during sex. That way, he can go lusting after some other twink ass and bless him with a hot fuck. He may be dumb, but Brice knows how to use his dick. Nice that he’s got that going for him. I pity the ones that don’t.

Captions are fictional. This is Colin Wayne apparently.


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