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It’s almost sweater weather!

“You like this sweater?” Brett asks.
“Yeah,” I grin, “You look good.”
He snorts. “Aren’t you punny.” He smiles anyway, and our lips meet for a searing kiss.

“Mmnn…” Brett purrs. “I liked that.”
I bless him with another, and start snaking my hands into his clothes as our make-out session intensifies. Almost involuntarily, I start tugging on them to get them off. I want to suck him. I want to get my mouth on him soon so I can feel him hardening against my tongue.
“Hey babe?” Brett asks.
“Yeah?” I ask, muzzy headed.
“If you like me in this sweater so much, why are you trying to get me out of it?”
I blink at him, momentarily knocked off my predictable orbit. He gives me a smug look, waiting for a reply.
I clear my throat. “Well, because I think right now, you don’t want to be in that sweater.”
“I think you’d rather be in me,” I finish with a grin.
Brett groans. “That was terrible. But good. And you’re not wrong. I was cold a moment ago. Why is it suddenly so warm in here?”
I take my off shirt.
Brett oggles my abs. “Oh. That’s why.”

Captions are fictional. Guys might be Elias Vikstedt and Lari Väänänen but I can’t read Finnish to tell if that’s true or not.


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