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My lover considered me over his coffee. He was suspicious, and drank it slowly. I smiled. “Don’t worry, I did not do anything to your coffee. I know that you don’t like to waste food.”
Toby gave me a heart-meltingly cute smile. “It does taste pretty good,” he agreed. “But I can see the anticipation on your face. I know you have been planning things.”
I grinned, unable to help myself. April 1st was the only day I could pull off shenanigans and not get spanked for it. And, he was right, I had been planning things. But he would not discover that until later, like when he would get a text message on his phone, it would make goat noises. Or that his phone was now in Korean. Or when he went to eat his dessert at lunch, and discovered that there were Skittles mixed in with the M&Ms. Also, I had called his boss at work -an ex college professor I had- and asked everybody in the office to call him Tom, and act really confused when he insisted his name was Toby. But he would find that all out in due time. I just giggled and squirmed as Toby stared at me.
“So mischievous,“ he clucked.
“You have nothing to fear,” I assured him. “Now it’s time for you to get up, or you will be late for work.”
Toby sipped his coffee, “Yes yes, boy.”
I smiled and helped him out of bed. I was looking forward to the expression on Toby’s face when he saw that I made green eggs and ham for breakfast, just like his favorite children’s book. It was a shame though, I wouldn’t be there to see his reaction to most of my pranks. Like for example, that I had exchanged all of the CDs in his car for disco albums. Sigh. Why was this so much fun? Perhaps that it was fun to be in control for just one day. Also, it was a way that I could show told me that I cared enough about him that I wanted him to have fun. And I think he appreciated that, because every year on this date, we ended up having really amazing sex when he came home from work. I was definitely looking forward to that. I was just hoping he didn’t use the menthol lube like he did last year to get me back!

Captions are fictional.


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