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Colin Wayne

Taylor put the lid on his alkaline water, minutes from heading out to work as grunt at a high profile law firm, when a sight made him stop. HE was back again. Taylor didn’t know his name. He lived in the yard behind him, and they shared a fence. Because Taylor’s house that he lived in – with three other guys – was on a hill, he could see into the other backward cause of the slope. And this guy, this boy, was becoming Taylor’s obession. 

Taylor saw him often, usually taking care of the yard in a jockstrap or sometimes nothing at all. He always had this handsome piece of leather around his neck. Sometimes the boy would be hanging laundry or skimming the pool. Once he saw him scrubbing screens from the windows. Lots of grilling in the summer and gardening in the spring. Once in a blue moon, Taylor got a glimpse of what the boy was doing right now. He was reclining on a chaise lounge in a crop top and using a dildo on himself. There was some sort of metal thing on the boy’s cock that wasn’t there before. God, he was really getting into it! Taylor swallowed. He looked like he was really enjoying himself, fucking himself with that toy…his mouth was open in an ‘o’ shape and his back was arched, one leg pulled up. 

Taylor glanced at the clock. He really needed to go, but he couldn’t pull away even though it made him feel weird. It wasn’t that he felt grossed or even disgusted; mostly it made him feel uncomfortable and it had taken him weeks to figure out just what the emotion was:envy. The more he watched the boy, the more he didn’t want to go to work. The more he wished for that life. A quiet life taking care of the home, making everything clean and proper. A nice pool to swim in, and hot mornings pleasuring yourself on a chaise lounge chair. Taylor wasn’t sure if the boy was a live in servant or some sort of kinky submissive or something, but god he seemed to have a great life. Taylor had seen him making out with a really handsome guy on the back porch before. He’d never seen a gay couple quite like them.

Matter of fact, he’d never even known any gay couples. All his friends were straight. Taylor even thought he was straight. But there’d never been a girl that did it for him. Not like his best friend Kevin and his girlfriend Shawna, who were so obviously in love. Taylor swallowed hard. God, why did he want what the boy had so much? Did a dildo feel that good? Oh god, Taylor realized, he was getting an erection.

Taylor fumbled with his glass water bottle and barely caught it before it fell off the counter. Shit! He really should go. He was going to miss his train to New York if he didn’t. But the boy was taking forever to cum! With a pang of regret, he tore his eyes away from the hot backyard scene and made his way out the door. 

Taylor couldn’t stop thinking about the boy the whole way to work and nearly missed his stop. Was he getting closer to figuring out what the void was in his life? Was the life he was living even the right one for him? He’d just done what his parents had expected of him, and had done well…but despite winning this coveted job, Taylor wasn’t happy. And he knew it. He thought back to an older memory of the boy and his lover kissing on the back deck of their home. God, how wonderful it’d be to be loved like that…

On the way home from work, Taylor got up the courage and bought himself a dildo.

Text is fictional. This is Colin Wayne and you can’t really tell, but he is ripped as hell.


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