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PupperRoo waiting for Boss to come homes from work and gives me Scritches

Ruffie was so nervous and excited waiting for his Master to come home that he thought he might pee himself when it finally happens. It wasn’t like he could get himself out of his rubber with his hands in mitts anyway, but Master would be really disappointed to come home and find that his puppy had made a mess. He wanted to be a good boy. Ruffie sighed and forced himself to lie down, and returned to chewing on his Master’s old leather sandal. 

He’d spent the day exploring his Master’s apartment and this was his new favorite thing. It was leather, the smell of which always made him horny, plus it had the scent of his Master’s feet and sweat, which made Ruffie yearn for the man who wasn’t here. He would be soon. Ruffie was not used to waiting hours and enjoying every second of it. He was still high off the reality of being ‘adopted’. It was a program run through his local dungeon where Masters can “check out” pups for short periods. Ruffie was thrilled when his Master had asked to “adopt” him over a three day weekend. Their sessions together made him fly and he always felt like whimpering when Master had to leave. Now they not only had a weekened together, but a long one at that. Friday through Monday. That meant Ruffie would get to greet his Master when he came home from work for one day.

Then, Ruffie heard a noise. A close noise. A noise of a key jostling in the keyhole. Ruffie jumped up to all fours and dropped the drooled on sandal. Ruffie sat by the door and wagged his butt so hard he nearly fell over.
“Ruuuufffiiiee is that you?” said the deep, velvety voice
Ruffie put his paws up on the door and responded.

“BARK BARK BARK!” came the excited reply.
Master chuckled. The lock turned. “Shh. You’ll alert the neigh-” He pushed the door open, not realizing Ruffie was sitting an inch from it on the other side, and hit him smack in the face.
Ruffie yelped out.
“Oh shit! Did I hit you? Aw shit, puppy! I’m so sorry!” Master Keene gently opened the rest of the door enough to squeeze in and quickly shut it behind him. His pup was sitting a short distance away, paws over his mask and whimpering loudly.
“Oh no, Ruffie, I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize you were right behind the door! Are you ok?” Master Keene squatted next to his boy. “Shh it’s ok, let me see.” He felt absolutely horrible when he saw tears in his boy’s eyes – and even worse when he saw blood on the floor. “Oh my god, Rafael, what did I do to you?”   

Master Keene quickly worked the buckles and removed the mask. “Shit your nose is bleeding. Oh look at the red mark, I hit you right on the bridge here huh? God, I’m so sorry, boy.”
Ruffie sniffled and whined. To his surprise, the injury hadn’t taken him out of headspace at all. He licked Keene’s hand and whined. 
“It’s ok baby. Here, I’m going to get you a tissue and some ice.”

It took a few minutes to get the bleeding stopped, and even Master Keene had to laugh when he saw his pup with cotton sticking out of his nose. Master Keene made Ruffie chew a Tylenol and sit in his bed with ice on his nose for a few minutes while he cleaned off the mask and dried it.  

When the worse had passed, Master Keene put the mask back on, but not before getting a lot of licks.
“Some welcome home huh? I’m sorry I spoiled it.”
Ruffie barked and headbutted his Master’s shouder, indicating it was all ok.
Master Keene smiled and scritched Ruffie at the base of his spine. The pup groaned and flopped to the side, kicking his foot.
“Ok that’s adorable,” Master Keene noted. “You’re a good boy huh?”
“Such a good boy, yesh you are.” 
“Arf arf!”
Master Keene gave his flank a few pats. “Did you miss me?”
Ruffie nodded.
“I missed you too. I couldn’t wait to come home to your cute face. It gets so lonely here on the weekends. Damn, we’re gonna have a lot of fun together. Speaking of which, I think you deserve a treat huh? As an apology for bonking you?”

Ruffie quickly forgot about the pain when he saw the big bag of brownie bites. He decided that he going to play the sympathy card and try to get away with as much as possible… he had a feeling the bites would disappear once Master Keene found the sandal. 

Text is fictional. Source is above. 


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