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Preparations for a Dapper day 👍🏻 @sinabrochar

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“What are you staring at?” Robin asks, folding his flannel scarf.
“I’m watching you dress,” I reply, leaning against the wall with my foot pressed against it for support. “I just realized that I’d never seen you dress before.” Robin gives me a look and an eyebrow raise to convey that he’s never heard such an odious lie and is offended he thinks I’d swallow it. “You have seen me dress before. Plenty. All those times after we had sex, or after the shower – you know, before we moved in?”
I fuss with the band of my underwear, the only thing I’m wearing. “Well yeah, but you were always wearing jeans or something. I’ve never seen you dress for work.” 
“Not true. I’ve slept over at your place and gone to work the next morning, and more than once I might add.”
I can’t tamp down a small smile. “Nope. All those times you came out of the bathroom fully dressed in your work clothes, or I came out of the bathroom and you were already dressed.” 
“What’s so captivating about watching me dress for work?” Robin asks. 
I blush a little and switch feet. “I’ve never gotten to bathe you, and help moisturize you, and then taken the trimmer and touched up your beard. Then, I’ve never gotten to watch you put on your slacks, slide the delicate shirt fabric over your beautiful torso and watch it take shape over your muscles, then watch work those tiny buttons with the same fingers that stroke my cock so strong and tenderly…”  
Robin is fixated on me, and now he is blushing too.
“And you look so serious when picking your tie and suspenders, you’d think you were the President going on television or something. And then damn – there you are. Fashionable, stylish Robin. Looking utterly gorgeous and ready to take on the world.” 
 Robin just stares at me. He fumbles with the scarf in his hands. “I – I’m uh, wow,” he chuckles. “No one has ever said something like that to me before. It’s really flattering.” 
My smile widens. “It’s true. Just another perk of loving you and sharing a home with you.”  
Robin’s expression softens. “You are so beautiful with your words, you know that? Especially when they come out of those soft lips of yours….” 
It’s my turn to feel my ears burning. “Well, a poet has to have his muse.”

Robin glances aside and adjusts himself. “Turn around and put your hands against the wall.”

I raise both eyebrows. “Are you arresting me?”

“You wish. Which reminds me, I need to buy some handcuffs now that we have a headboard.” 
“Do as I say.”
I turn around and position myself like he asks, trying not to move too much. I love it when Robin gets bossy but it does not happen very often. I hear a drawer open and close. A moment later, I hear him get off the bed, which is followed by socked feet padding on the wood floor. Hands find my waist, which makes me jump. Robin kisses my shoulder and without asking permission, pushes down my underwear.

I gasp. This was a new type of play. I was eager to see where it went. When I turn my head towards him, I am given strict instructions to keep my gaze forward, to get real acquainted with that shade of Duck Eggshell White paint we used. A pair of smooth hands caress my hips and then my ass. I arch my spine and the hands squeezed me. I keen out into my arm, quickly becoming excited.

I hear the tear of paper, and the flick of a lid. I’m incredulous. He’s going to fuck me, just like this! Without even asking! I think it’s kind of thrilling to be wanted and lusted over and used like property. 
God, if he treats me like how he treats his clothing then I hope I’m his property.  I wait for Robin to stretch me but he does not. He just suites up and pushes in. The pain feels like a spark of electricity, but luckily I’m still a bit loose from all that dildo play last night. I feel virginal and Robin feels huge. I’m sure I’m drooling on the wall.
He rocks against me, sliding in and out. I try to meet his pace but it causes conflict with his pattern. Robin presses his fingers into my iliac grooves and pulls my hips up and back. Instantly, and impossibly, he slides in even deeper. I cry out, a ragged noise and strangled gasp. 
Robin groans. “I knew you could fit another inch.”  

I can feel the course fabric of his pants push up against me with every thrust. We don’t make it to ten. Robin stands up on his toes and pins me to the wall, wanting to be as close to me as possible when releasing his load. I hear him take in a huge lungful of air, hold it, and then release it after the orgasm peaks. His heat flows inside of me, and I wish he isn’t wearing a condom. I feel oddly happy and dizzy, and I realize I came when he did – all over the wall. “Shit,” I mutter. 
“Mmmn,” Robin replies, reaching around to play with my balls. We enjoy a moment together. A bird chirps outside.

“Now,” Robin purrs in my ear, pausing to teeth my ear lobe. “I have to go to work and earn bread for our household. You be good for me, do your chores, attend your grad classes, and when I get home, I want you to greet me wearing hardly anything ok?”
I press my forehead against the wall. Everything was still spinning. How could I feel so empty and yet still totally slutty after what Robin just said?
I nod.
“Fuck yeah. How about instead, totally naked?”
“…You’d do that for me?” Robin asks. 
“Anything for the man of my dreams. And don’t forget to take your lunch with you ok? I made it with love.”
“You made me lunch?” Robin replies, genuinely surprised. 
 “Just some left overs I packed last night,” I admit.
Robin slaps me on the butt once, making me yelp.
“Fuck, I wish I could stay home and just make love to you in every room of our new condo.”
I chuckle. “One day you should.” 
Robin nuzzles my shoulder and his beard scratches me. “One day I will. But today I must go in to work because someone made me a nice lunch and I do not want to waste it.”

Robin kisses the back of my neck, swats me on the butt again, and then drifts away. He throws the condom in the trash, cleans himself up. I watch him over my shoulder with doe eyes as he maneuvers his half tamed cock back into his jockstrap. Yeah, the man doesn’t even own normal underwear.  
We kiss good-bye, and he leaves, reluctantly. I pass out on the bed and listen for him closing the door. I cover my face with my hands and sigh in bliss. I never knew how wonderful mornings could be. An early jog, breakfast together, showers, sex…. I notice something and lift my head. Oh my god, I could see my drool spot and cum on the wall from the bed. I laugh. How embarrassing! I get up and go find the cleaner. We’re running low. I make a note to buy it in bulk next time. If this is how life is going to be living together, we’re going to need it.

Text is fictional. Picture is from and of Instagram user and fashion blogger. @sinabrochar.


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